This is how I order an Uber in New York City: Put in the address of where I am, put in the address of where I want to go. Confirm and wait. This is how I ordered an Uber in Mumbai: Summoned an Uber to my GPS location. Called up the driver a few minutes later as he got closer. Gave him three landmarks (usually the gym that was next door to my apartment and the nearest highway) and walked outside to wait View original article at Motherboard

It’s been a long time since a subpar Apple Maps experience led someone into the middle of nowhere, but Google still rules the mapping games. Apple’s not about to give up, and they’re […] View original article at Geek

Amazon has drones preparing to deliver our groceries. Google’s Project Wing is preparing to deliver our groceries, too. Facebook has drones working to give us internet, and Microsoft drones are fighting Zika virus.And now Apple has drones for giving us better maps.According to Bloomberg sources, Apple is readying a drone fleet to improve its Maps service in a bid to catch up with mobile map megastar Google View original article at Motherboard