The agency said it had issued a certificate clearing the way for the company to use drones to fly packages to its customers’ doorsteps. Original article at

The company’s effort, approved by the Federal Aviation Administration, will be limited to parts of southwest Virginia. Original article at

A host of regulatory issues have slowed the progress of drone-delivery companies but they are making some progress and lots of tests are underway. Original article at

A former military airfield in Belgium will be used to test technology and help regulators set rules for delivery by unmanned flying devices. Original article at

The announcement is a victory for tech companies that have heavily bet that drone deliveries will be a part of retail in the future. Original article at

Jeff Bezos announced on Twitter that his company had made its first automated shipment, a two-mile, 13-minute trip to a shopper in Cambridgeshire. Original article at

When the online retailer unveiled its drone project in 2013 it was mocked. It still sounds like a long shot, but it doesn’t seem so crazy anymore. Original article at

Amazon doesn’t reveal much, but a little sleuthing suggests that drones may be central to the online retailer’s long-term strategy. Original article at

The British Civil Aviation Authority will allow the company to test several technologies that the United States has not permitted. Original article at

Previously, companies had to apply for special permission to operate drones. Now a range of businesses may use drones under 55 pounds, but not for package delivery. Original article at