An architectural/engineering firm is using survey drones to make Colorado highways safer. Engineering firm Felsburg Holt & Ullevig brought in Woolpert to complete drone surveys for a right-of-way project in Castle Rock, Colo View original article at Drone Life

Amid growing skepticism among experts, Colorado officials are scaling back a statewide investigation of enigmatic drone sightings. The alleged mystery began on Dec View original article at Drone Life

Police are no closer to finding out why a swarm of drones keeps allegedly appearing over Colorado and Nebraska despite ramped-up efforts, leading some pundits to question if the mystery is even real. The hubbub took flight over Christmas when Colorado residents and police reported at least 17 fixed-wing drones traveling in what appeared to be a […] The post Colorado Drone Panic Grows As Skepticism Takes Flight appeared first on DRONELIFE View original article at Drone Life

Cops in Colorado and Nebraska have set up a special task force that includes the FBI in a bid to track down the person or people behind mysterious drone flights apparently taking place there. View original article at Digital Trends

The Case of the Mysterious Colorado Drones keeps getting murkier. Over Christmas, Colorado police reported at least 17 fixed-wing drones with a six-foot wingspan flying what appeared to be a steady pattern over several northeastern counties View original article at Drone Life

Editor’s Note: A number of media reports covering these sightings have included a stock photo of a quadcopter drone. This is an inaccurate depiction View original article at Drone Life

Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) used a drone to survey bighorn sheep on Pikes Peak for the first time. (Photo Credit: Colorado Parks and Wildlife’s Southeast Region / Twitter) Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) conducts a survey of bighorn sheep on Pikes Peak twice a year, however, observing herds can be difficult on the steep summit. Now, for the first time, CPW deployed a drone to do the job and it showed a cool aerial view of the animals in their natural habitat. The survey, which studies how…

Owners of hobby drones have been disrupting airborne efforts to tackle wildfires in Colorado in recent days. Each time a drone is spotted, manned firefighting aircraft need to be grounded until the airspace is clear again. The post Some folks still think it’s a good idea to fly drones over wildfires appeared first on Digital Trends. View original article at Digital Trends

Here is a fun thing that happened: On Jan. 31, the military sent a 450-pound mostly autonomous machine into the sky, and— according to a Stars and Stripes report on Thursday—lost it.  The army sent a drone above the Arizona desert as part of a training mission, but lost touch with it soon after it left the earth.  SEE ALSO: Video of ‘chubby’ tigers taking down a drone may be way darker than you think The drone normally has a range of 77 miles, so maybe the army…

It was only a matter of time before someone attempted to create a business around a cannabis grow like the beer and wine industry has with breweries and wineries. (Come on, we already have weed-friendly hotels, cannabis camps and marijuana delivery drones.) Entrepreneur Christian Hageseth is set to open the Green Man Cannabis Ranch and Amphitheater in Denver in early 2016. But unlike a winery or brewery, you won’t be able to sample the goods at the weedery due to Colorado’s public consumption laws. See also: The farm-to-table…