The drone camera is the newest hardware product from the maker of Snapchat, which previously released smart glasses known as Spectacles. Original article at

On social media, people had some concerns about the Ring Always Home Cam. To put it mildly. Original article at

Sometimes life hands you lemons. But sometimes, life hands you some awesome gadgets on sale. That’s how the saying goes, right? Get out of your winter slump with some new gear — just use the code SEMIANNUAL at checkout to unlock the 15% savings.  1. TRNDlabs Spectre Drone Drone flight seems like a prohibitively expensive hobby, but this drone lets you fly your drone without living off ramen or selling your kidneys View original article at Mashable

QYSEA is developing an underwater drone, capable of shooting in 4K and even livestream at a 1080p resolutionFIFISH P3 can go up to 330 feet deep and last 2 hours on a single charge. The company is about to launch a pre-order campaign soon.  Read more.. View original article at Mashable

Ignore the Wall Street narrativeGoPro is far from dead and still innovating with its cameras. The action camera — CEO Nick Woodman prefers “lifestyle” instead — company released a trio of solid products last year (Hero5 Black, Hero5 session, and Karma drone) with the sole goal of rejuvenating the brand and doubling down on its new mission to make video editing effortless for everyone. At this year’s Mountain Games in Vail, Colorado, GoPro gave a very select group of media a first look at its next game-changing product:…

What’s circular, black, and has 17 integrated cameras? No, it’s not that drone that keeps flying by your yard (but seriously, what is that?) — it’s the latest entrant into the ultra-hot 360-video camera space courtesy of Google, and it’s called the Yi Halo. SEE ALSO: Facebook’s Surround camera captures 360-degree video in 8K The Halo is the next-generation Jump camera. Jump, you may remember, is Google’s platform for 360 video cameras. What makes Jump different from consumer 360 cameras like the Samsung Gear 360 are two things:…

The company, which is preparing to go public this week, is trying to bolster its camera ambitions and help Snapchat users feed more data to the app. Original article at

According to new reports, Chinese drone manufacturer DJI has acquired a majority stake in Swedish medium format camera company Hasselblad. The post Drone maker DJI reportedly acquires majority stake in camera company Hasselblad appeared first on Digital Trends. View original article at Digital Trends

“GoPro, start recording.” And just like that the Hero 5 Black action camera, attached to a selfie stick an arm’s lengths away, started capturing stabilized video of me and the beautiful Squaw Valley mountains miles behind me. I didn’t need to press a single button. Two voice commands later and the camera stopped recording, saved my footage and powered down.  SEE ALSO: Why GoPro’s drone is called the Karma Later, when I got back home, I plug the Hero 5 Black into power and all of the footage…

Cameras capable of capturing HD images and video are now the norm. If you want to capture some action outside, then the go-to brand is GoPro. The camera alone can be expensive, but […] View original article at Geek