Enlarge / Perseverance’s two Mastcam-Z imagers (in the gray boxes) are part of the rover’s remote sensing mast. (credit: NASA) The seven minutes of terror are over. The parachute deployed; the skycrane rockets fired. Robot truck goes ping! Perseverance, a rover built by humans to do science 128 million miles away, is wheels-down on Mars. Phew View original article at Ars Technica

Visual Intelligence provides patented dual sensor technology combined with software and analytics to deliver millimeter-class drone data.  Now, through a new partnership, inspection specialists ARE will deliver rail and utility engineering services based on the newly enabled solution View original article at Drone Life

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The sky crane system used on the Perseverance and Curiosity Mars rovers is a challenging control system problem that peaked [Nicholas Rehm]’s curiosity. Constrained to Earth, he decided to investigate the problem using a drone and a rock. The setup and the tests are simple, but clearly illustrate the problem faced by NASA engineers. [Nicholas] attached a winch mechanism to the bottom of a racing-type quadcopter, and tied a mass to the end of the winch line. At first, he built a foam model of the rover, but…

NASA’s Perseverance rover on Mars is carrying an adorable ‘family portrait’ of Martian rovers  Space.comMars rover beams back panoramic view of landing site  CBS NewsNASA’s Mars Parachute Had a Hidden Code. Meet the People Who Cracked It View original article

The Army wants to develop a new kind of laser weapon that would cut through armor, blind computer sensors, and disrupt electronics. The Army asked for help developing the weapon on the Pentagon’s Small Business Investment Research website, a place where the Pentagon posts contracts for small businesses to bid on. It's calling the high energy laser a tactical ultrashort pulsed laser and though it’s years away from being deployed, the idea is rooted in existing science. The Pentagon has been developing high energy laser weapons for years…

Heisha Tech‘s new D135 dock provides automated drone charging for DJI Matrice series and other larger enterprise drone solutions. Heisha is focused on enabling automated drone operations by providing automated charging solutions for commercial, off-the-shelf drones View original article at Drone Life

Looking to make the skies safer? Interested in drone safety? Then maybe you have what it takes to become an official FAA UAS test administrator. The FAA this week announced an open application period for the role of test administrators the federal agency’s Recreational UAS Safety Test (TRUST) View original article at Drone Life

Drone mapping in construction can provide construction firms with the data they need to make profitable decisions. Chasco Constructors started in Round Rock, TX as a 4-man shop: but today, Chasco is an award winning, full service commercial construction company with over 300 employees View original article at Drone Life

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