Enlarge (credit: Stuart O’Sullivan) More than 34,000 people have deluged the Federal Aviation Administration with comments over a proposed regulation that would require almost every drone in the sky to broadcast its location over the Internet at all times. The comments are overwhelmingly negative, with thousands of hobbyists warning that the rules would impose huge new costs on those who simply wanted to continue flying model airplanes, home-built drones, or other personally owned devices. “These regulations could kill a hobby I love,” wrote Virginian Irby Allen Jr. in a…

Drones have an important role to play in journalism.  If a picture is worth 1,000 words, an aerial picture is worth even more View original article at Drone Life

Drones are being recognized as a culturally significant development.  In a recent press release,  DJI announced that one of their Agricultural drones is being exhibited at the Solomon R View original article at Drone Life

There is more to a photography career than you might think. With everything from night time shooting, photo editing in Lightroom, and drone shots, the world of cameras is constantly expanding and there is always something new to learn. A few tips and tricks will certainly improve your photographic skills, but sometimes it is worth taking your abilities to the next level.  If you’re passionate about photography and want to expand your knowledge, there is no better place to start than online courses. Whether you’re excited about your…

Remote ID has been a charged topic in the industry.  While some stakeholders feel that the proposed rule must be completely reworked, others have taken the more hopeful view that the rule is a good start towards a workable solution View original article at Drone Life

Artificial Intelligence (AI) definitely tops the list of important themes for the drone industry.  From data management to flight automation, AI has been part of the description View original article at Drone Life

A Dublin food delivery company will soon use drones to deliver food to a university next month. Ben & Jerry’s  Manna’s drone delivery pilot program can deliver ice cream and Thai food in three minutes View original article at Drone Life

The remote-controlled 2.5 pound (1.15kg) drone is encased in a plastic sphere to protect it from any unfortunate bumps and knocks in the confined space beneath Tokyo. View original article at Daily Mail Online

In a story that continues to evolve rapidly,  here is a glimpse of drone video of what life looks like in the quarantined city of Wuhan, China, that is the epicenter of the coronavirus.  The city of Wuhan, China is a providential capital with over 11 million people View original article at Drone Life

While drone detection systems have gotten more and more sophisticated over the last few years, the problem of how to actually mitigate a rogue drone remains – and it’s a thornier problem than you might think.  “Shoot ’em down” seems like an obvious answer – but aside from the fact that shooting down aircraft is […] The post The SkyWall Auto Response System Captures Rogue Drones – in a Net appeared first on DRONELIFE View original article at Drone Life