Extinction Rebellion says it will stage a 10-day demonstration unless expansion plans are cancelled. View original article at BBC World News

There’s nothing new, ever. It’s all been done. But that doesn’t mean you can’t invent something interesting. A case in point is the Motor Synth, a crowdfunding project from Gamechanger Audio. It’s what you get when you combine advanced quadcopter technology with the market for modular and semi-modular synthesizers. The core feature of the Motor Synth is an octet of brushless motors tucked behind a plexiglass window. These (either through an electromagnetic pickup or something slightly more clever) produce a tone, giving the Motor Synth four-note polyphony with…

Recently the MAVLab (Micro Air Vehicle Laboratory) at the Technical University of Delft in the Netherlands proudly proclaimed having made an autonomic drone that’s a mere 72 grams in weight. The best part? It’s designed to take part in drone races. What this means is that using a single camera and onboard processing, this little drone with a diameter of 10 centimeters has to navigate the course, while avoiding obstacles. To achieve this goal, they took an Eachine trashcan drone, replacing its camera with an open source JeVois…

The drone is attached to the two kites via a tether, which are each able to maintain flight at different altitudes. Facebook says it would be cheaper and more lightweight than traditional aircraft. View original article at Daily Mail Online

A sea lion hunts for its next meal in the middle of a salmon bait ball.         View original article at USA Today

The system allows the drone to alter its flight path and move away from obstacles flying towards it. View original article at BBC World News

In the “Automate the Freight” series, I’ve concentrated on stories that reflect my premise that the killer app for self-driving vehicles will not be private passenger cars, but will more likely be the mundane but necessary task of toting things from place to place. The economics of replacing thousands of salary-drawing and benefit-requiring humans in the logistics chain are greatly favored compared to the profits to be made by providing a convenient and safe commuting experience to individuals. Advances made in automating deliveries will eventually trickle down to…

How Iran And Its Proxies Use Drone Warfare  NPRIran has been developing drones for both itself and its proxies. In recent months those drones have been used for targeted assassinations, military strikes and to . View original article

Quadcopters are set to play an increasing role on the battlefield after French drone maker Parrot and five other firms were selected by U.S. officials to develop compact aircraft for soldiers’ reconnaissance missions. The post Parrot to build small surveillance drones for U.S View original article at Digital Trends

Roofs torn from houses, shattered windows, debris-covered yards, and uprooted trees are just some of the signs of devastation seen in drone footage surveying tornado-stricken areas in Dayton, Ohio Tuesday. At least half […] The post Drone Footage Captures Tornado Damage in Ohio appeared first on Geek.com. View original article at Geek