The New York City Police Department is pulling out all the stops at this year’s Times Square New Year’s Eve ball drop to keep party-goers safe. In addition to 7,000 officers, 1,200 fixed cameras, bomb-sniffing dogs, and 200 sand-filled blocker trucks, NYPD will be flying a drone over the crowd… View original article at TechSpot

It’s a bird, it’s a plane — it’s a…surveillance drone? For the first time in history, the New York Police Department will fly a drone over Times Square to monitor the crowd during the annual New Year’s Eve celebration. The drone will surveil the event alongside more than 1,200 cameras in order to assist around 7,000 police officers who will be on duty, according to the Associated Press View original article at Mashable

A man was arrested on suspicion of causing a public nuisance after a 30-minute closure. View original article at BBC World News

The NYPD will use camera-equipped drones to watch over New Year’s Eve celebrations. View original article at BBC World News

For the first time ever, the New York City Police Department will be getting some robotic support from above during the New Year’s Eve celebrations at Times Square. The NYPD will be deploying […] The post NYPD to Deploy Drone Over Times Square on New Year’s Eve appeared first on View original article at Geek

In one of the world’s most advanced drone-delivery tests, sunscreen and burritos arrived in minutes, as do complaints about the noise and mess. View original article at Wall Street Journal

[GlytchTech] decided to implement his own Digital Data Link (DDL) for his drone experiments, and by using a Raspberry Pi Zero and some open-source software, he succeeded in creating a mostly self-contained system that delivers HD video and telemetry using an Android phone as a display. USB tethered Android phone used as a display and touch interface. The link uses standard WiFi hardware in a slightly unusual way to create a digital data link that acts more like an analog system, with a preference for delivering low latency video…

Anyone who has been close to a quadcopter won’t be surprised to discover what it is that people seem to be most concerned about when it comes to the idea of drone delivery services. The post Drone delivery testers reveal their main gripe about such a service appeared first on Digital Trends. View original article at Digital Trends

Picture this: it’s late in the evening on a freezing cold, dark, and windy December night in southern England, and an airport worker at Gatwick — London’s second international airport — sees something fly past in the gloom above the floodlights. The weather and darkness makes it difficult to see what the object was, but the report is phoned in to security. What was it? A flock of birds? A piece of plastic litter caught by the wind and blown through the night? In this case, the call…

From fancy kettles to 4K TVs, Australia’s biggest electronics retailer has some pretty killer deals this Boxing Day. The toughest test outside Australia taking on India in the cricket is finding the best deals on December 26th. More than half of Australia’s population is expected to take part in the country’s premier shopping event, and there are so many stores, sales and products on offer that it can be difficult to sort trash from treasure. Considering that Aussies are expected to drop around $3.2 billion today, we want…