'Widowmaker' Is the Five Eyes Spy Collective's Most Tasteless Codename

The stash of secret documents provided to journalists by Edward Snowden has been a treasure trove of classified codenames from the spy agencies of the Five Eyes, the allied intelligence collective that includes the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. Some are simply bizarre, such as “Squeaky Dolphin,” “Dreamy Smurf” and “Egotistical Giraffe,” some are more disquieting, such as “Boundless Informant,” “Skynet,” or “Turmoil.” But the most tasteless and creepiest of them all might be “Widowmaker,” the codename for a team of spies from the NSA, the British GCHQ, and the Australian Signals Directorate (ASD), which was briefly mentioned in a Guardian article on Wednesday. The “Widowmaker” team’s job was to “discover communications intelligence gaps in support of the global war on terror,” the Guardian explained. The “Widowmaker” team helped track and geo-locate alleged terrorists

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