Watch: Orcas Prey on Dolphins Next to Whale Watching Boat in California

A group of whale watchers spotted orcas hunting dolphins off the coast of California. (Photo Credit: Skeeze / Pixabay)

A group of whale watchers in California recently witnessed Mother Nature’s dark side when a group of orcas started hunting dolphins feet away from their boat.
The orcas, which might have been eastern tropical Pacific killer whales, are not typically found off the coast of San Clemente, California, KCAL-TV reported. Drone footage from the incident shows a dozen orcas chasing the dolphins and eating them right in front of the whale watchers, who were completely stunned by the surprise feeding frenzy.

“That’s something you see in National Geographic, that’s not something you expect to go out on an evening whale watch and see,” Matt Larmand, who works with Dana Wharf Whale Watching, told KCAL-TV

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