This Drone Footage Captures China’s Massive Bikeshare Graveyards

A Chinese photographer has captured jaw-dropping drone footage of the country’s infamous “bike graveyards,” a problem borne of too many bikes and not enough customers. Wu Guoyong flew his drone over 15 different sites in China to capture these rainbow-colored mass graves where dockless bikeshare bikes from companies such as Ofo, Bluegogo, Gobee, and Mobike live out their last moments. The ensuing video—”No Place to Place”—is set to a Blade Runner 2049-style soundtrack and showcases thousands of broken, vandalized, and abandoned bikes. His video has been viewed 44 million times on Chinese video platform QQ.The photographer told the South China Morning Post that he sees “shared bikes as useful, but the cemeteries expose a moral problem in the landscape of China

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