The U.S. government will soon have the authority to shoot down private drones considered a threat. Following a House vote in April, the Senate this week passed the FAA Reauthorization Act, which renews […] The post Controversial Bill Allowing Authorities to Shoot Down Private Drones Heads to President’s Desk appeared first on View original article at Geek

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CNN received the Federal Aviation Administration’s first waiver allowing drone flights above crowds. The milestone approval opens the door for other unmanned aerial vehicle pilots to find new uses for their aircraft—from sporting […] The post CNN Receives First FAA Waiver to Fly Drones Over Crowds appeared first on View original article at Geek

A drone flying near a wildfire in Northern California forced helicopters to stay grounded — and the California High Patrol (CHP) was not happy about it.  On Sunday, it posted an all-uppercase warning to the public on Facebook: “FIRE FIGHTING PLANES CANNOT FLY IF YOUR DRONE IS IN THE AIR.” SEE ALSO: The science behind the fast-moving wildfires that are devastating California Police found and cited a 24-year-old man for flying the drone, according to The Mercury News.  The pilot had been flying the drone in the vicinity…

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