Is a drone equipped with a firing nailgun an awesome idea or the reason humanity can’t have nice things? Whatever the answer, researchers at the University of Michigan decided to build one. View original article at Digital Trends

Google’s Wing unveils plans for a first-of-its-kind trial with FedEx and Walgreens (via Wing) Alphabet’s Wing drone delivery service is taking off in the US. The Google subsidiary is launching a pilot program this fall in Christiansburg, Va. Starting next month, residents of the New River Valley region in Southwest Virginia can collect parcels from FedEx Express, Walgreens, and local retailer Sugar Magnolia via unmanned aerial vehicles. The trial, according to a company blog post, will “demonstrate the benefits of drone delivery by improving access to healthcare products,…

Two vloggers who gave up their jobs in Australia to travel the world have been detained in Iran for flying a drone without a permit, according to reports. View original article at Digital Trends

Austrian Airlines is using an advanced drone to inspect its passenger aircraft for structural issues and paint damage. The drone reduces the workload for the airline’s technicians and speeds up the inspection process dramatically. View original article at Digital Trends

(via Sebastian Grochowicz/Unsplash) Folks planning to fly in or out of London on Sept. 13 may want to rethink their travel arrangements. Climate activists intend to disrupt traffic at one of the world’s dominant airports next month, drawing attention to “the most serious and urgent crisis humanity has ever faced.” The group, called Heathrow Pause, will fly toy drones around the airfield, creating an “exclusion zone” and effectively shutting down the seventh busiest airport on the planet—which also happens to be the UK’s single largest source of carbon…

This huge delivery drone is 180-cm tall and can carry cargo weighing 70 pounds at speeds of up to 100 mph. Built by aerospace manufacturer Bell, the APT 70 recently took to the skies for the very first time. View original article at Digital Trends

The drone and ambulance raced through a busy city to determine which would deliver medical supplies faster.Read more here. Read more.. View original article at Mashable

In a drone vs. ambulance showdown, first aid supplies get to patients faster when flown rather than driven through surface streets, sirens wailing. That’s what researchers from Iraq and Australia found during test scenarios with a DJI Phantom 3 Professional remote-controlled drone pitted against a human-driven ambulance vehicle in a busy Iraqi city. In four tests, the drone raced an ambulance from a hospital in Erbil, Iraq, to crowded neighborhoods near schools and markets with narrow streets. Each delivery method was timed to see how long it took…

More and more firms are developing battery-powered vertical take-off and landing aircraft, with the latest effort shown off this week by tech firm NEC. The successful test flight saw the machine stay airborne for about 40 seconds. View original article at Digital Trends

The FAA’s original B4UFLY app for drone pilots was roundly lambasted for being confusing, slow, and glitchy when it launched in 2016. On Wednesday it rolled out an overhauled, improved app to help drone owners fly safely. View original article at Digital Trends