Google’s Project Wing drone delivery service will take to the skies over Australia’s capital “in the coming weeks.” After 18 months of trials, Project Wing—an offshoot of Google parent company Alphabet—earned approval to […] The post Google Wing Delivers Food, Meds to Australians Via Drone appeared first on View original article at Geek

The U.K. government has launched a $2.5 million contest to encourage the development of technology designed to counter threats posed by rogue drones at places such as airports and prisons, as well as on the battlefield. The post Rogue drones: U View original article at Digital Trends

Kids these days get the coolest toys. While most of us spent our childhoods scouting out the newest McDonalds Happy Meal toys, modern kids are designing and flying custom drones right out of the box. (I you need advice on great drones for beginners, go here.) But who says drones have to be just for kids? Certainly not us. Flying drones — and building your own — is something that the whole family can get in on View original article at Mashable

The United Parcel Service this week announced a “groundbreaking” new program to deliver medical samples via drone. In partnership with Matternet, UPS will operate multiple daily flights at Raleigh’s WakeMed hospital and campus, […] The post UPS To Transport Medical Samples Via Drone appeared first on View original article at Geek

A French inventor took to Kickstarter to raise funds for an insect-inspired winged drone called MetaFly. More than 1,850 people have pledged over $187,500 to bring the drone to market. The post Be prepared to bug out over this insect-inspired winged drone appeared first on Digital Trends. View original article at Digital Trends