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Enlarge / One of many devices introduced today, the 4th-generation Echo devices is a cloth-covered sphere with a halo at the base, contrasting with the squat plastic cylinders of earlier generation Echoes. (credit: Amazon) Today at Amazon’s hardware launch event, the company announced new Ring, Echo, Eero, and Fire devices. Amazon also announced a new gaming service called Luna, which we’re covering in its own article. Ring Always Home Cam The Ring Always Home cam is a tiny, self-docking drone that flies around inside your house. (credit: Amazon)…

Enlarge / On the left, the newly discovered earthwork and a few possible houses are marked on an aerial image of the site. On the left, you can see the outline of the circular earthwork in the thermal image. It’s hard to imagine monumental archaeological sites still lying undiscovered beneath the fields of Kansas. But a drone survey just revealed the eroded remains of a wide ditch that once encircled a 2,000 square meter (21,000 square feet) area on a bluff overlooking the Walnut River. Filled in by…

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‘Snatcher’ is a fast and compact robot created by researchers at the Seoul National University of Science and Technology. The idea behind the design is to help other robots and drones pick up and drop off packages quicker and from a safe distance.  The robot can grab up to 30 grams from 80 centimeters in under 600 milliseconds and is an interesting replication of its natural counterpart.  Read more. View original article at Mashable

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