When city roads are busy with traffic, meal delivery services can suffer, with food arriving at customers’ doors late … and cold. A service in China has taken to using drones while at the same time keeping its drivers employed View original article at Digital Trends

Intel is using its drone platform to assist with work to conserve decrepit parts of the Great Wall of China. Partnering with a local heritage group, its advanced aerial system is mapping the wall to assess its current condition. The post Intel drones offer high-tech help to restore the Great Wall of China appeared first on Digital Trends. View original article at Digital Trends

If you’ve ever stood within 20 feet of a drone, you know it’s not the most subtle technology. Which is probably why criminals using the unmanned aerial vehicles to smuggle smartphones through China […] The post Drone-Assisted Phone Smuggling Ring Busted in China appeared first on Geek.com. View original article at Geek

This article appears in the April issue of VICE magazine.Huaqiangbei, the famed electronics bazaar in Shenzhen, China, hums with the chaotic unity of a thousand symbiotic organisms. Stacks of circuit boards, cables, and colorful components extend farther than the eye can see. Sellers hawk their wares from Tetris-like cubicles crammed around claustrophobic aisles. It’s the type of place that inspires resplendent cyberpunk universes, but to Naomi Wu, a local hardware hobbyist, this is home View original article at Motherboard

A memo from the Immigration and Customs Enforcement bureau says the firm’s commercial products may be sending sensitive information about U.S. infrastructure back to China, raising security concerns. Original article at nytimes.com