One of China’s largest agricultural drone companies is helping to overhaul the rice-farming industry. XAG recently launched a rice-seeding demonstration of seeding via drone at Happy Farms, an agricultural park in Guangdong province View original article at Drone Life

Wuhan, China is the capital of the Hubei province, a city of 11 million people and the 9th most populous city in China.  In general,  China has roughly 4 times the population of the US on about the same land mass: generally, the area is a thriving and bustling industrial center View original article at Drone Life

Enlarge The Interior Department is preparing a new agency policy that would drastically limit the use of unmanned aerial vehicles made overseas, The Wall Street Journal reports. The new policy is due to be formally announced today. The agency worries that information collected by drones could be “valuable to foreign entities, organizations, and governments.” The agency has around 800 drones. According to the Journal, agency officials have admitted that all of them are Chinese-made or contain Chinese parts View original article at Ars Technica

One of China’s largest agricultural drone companies and Airbus are teaming up to launch aerial delivery trials. XAG announced the pilot program last week on the heels of a joint agreement signed by the two companies in July at the World Economic Forum View original article at Drone Life

Like most of its competitors, Germany-based international shipping giant DHL is bullish on autonomous drones. The company eagerly shared some big news this week: the start of a regular drone delivery service in […] The post DHL Kicks Off Regular Autonomous Drone Deliveries in China appeared first on View original article at Geek

China is lifting a 25-year ban on using tiger and rhinoceros parts in medicine, the government announced Tuesday, despite the fact that both these animals are still facing extinction in many parts of the world. The ban was introduced in 1993 and prohibited the sale or trade of any tiger or rhinoceros body parts for any use throughout China. But this week, China’s State Council announced it was lifting the ban if the parts come from farmed animals and are used or research or healing at accredited hospitals,…

A Chinese photographer has captured jaw-dropping drone footage of the country’s infamous “bike graveyards,” a problem borne of too many bikes and not enough customers. Wu Guoyong flew his drone over 15 different sites in China to capture these rainbow-colored mass graves where dockless bikeshare bikes from companies such as Ofo, Bluegogo, Gobee, and Mobike live out their last moments. The ensuing video—”No Place to Place”—is set to a Blade Runner 2049-style soundtrack and showcases thousands of broken, vandalized, and abandoned bikes. His video has been viewed 44…

The Chinese government is reportedly developing a fleet of robo-birds to spy on its population. Already more than 30 military and official agencies have used the technology on the field. An anonymous source told local newspaper South China Morning Post, about the details of this spine-chilling new technology which has supposedly been used for years now. While most spy drones use rotor blades, these actually imitate the flapping motion of a bird’s wings to manoeuvre in the air, in motions that supposedly replicate a real animal. The machines…

When city roads are busy with traffic, meal delivery services can suffer, with food arriving at customers’ doors late … and cold. A service in China has taken to using drones while at the same time keeping its drivers employed View original article at Digital Trends

Intel is using its drone platform to assist with work to conserve decrepit parts of the Great Wall of China. Partnering with a local heritage group, its advanced aerial system is mapping the wall to assess its current condition. The post Intel drones offer high-tech help to restore the Great Wall of China appeared first on Digital Trends. View original article at Digital Trends