Russia launches sub that will carry doomsday nuke drone torpedo

SEVERODVINSK, RUSSIA – APRIL 23, 2019: The Belgorod nuclear-powered submarine (Special Project 09852), during the launching ceremony, that carries Poseidon strategic underwater drones. (Photo by Oleg Kuleshov/TASS via Getty Images) [credit:
Oleg Kuleshov/TASS via Getty Images

On April 23, 2019, a hulking submarine named the K-139 Belgorod was christened and launched from Severodvinsk, Russia. It slid from Sevmash Shipyard into the Nikolskoye estuary off the White Sea. First laid down in 1992, the Belgorod is the world’s longest submarine, surpassing Russia’s Typhoon-class nuclear-missile sub and the US Navy’s Ohio class. Its construction was paused for over a decade in 2000 after the disaster aboard its immediate predecessor, the Kurskā€”in which all the crew was lost after an explosion during missile tests

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