This Drone Just Started a Soccer Riot

For the first time in probably ever, a drone started a soccer brawl. Albania and Serbia faced off in what was an ethnically charged match between two former Yugoslav states vying for qualification in the European Championships. But thanks to a rogue drone, the game didn’t even get past the second half.The Guardian reports that what appears to be a remote controlled quadcopter trailing the “Greater-Albania” flag flew above the field during gameplay. A Serbian player attempted to take it down, which prompted several rival Albanians to attack him, kicking off a team brawl

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Rogue Albanian drone flies over Serbian soccer stadium, cancelling match


An already tense soccer match in Belgrade between the national teams of Albania and Serbia has been suspended after a drone flew over the field waving a Greater Albania flag. Based on online footage, the drone appears to be a DJI Phantom or a Phantom 2, which retails for roughly $500 to $800 depending on the model.
The Tuesday game, which was to be a Euro 2016 qualifier match between the two sides, was the first time they had met in the Serbian capital since 1967. According to The Guardian, away fans were not allowed in the stadiums in either Belgrade or in the upcoming rematch in Tirana, the capital of the Republic of Albania.
The two sides’ enthusiasm for soccer has been overshadowed by a larger political issue: Kosovo, a republic that broke away from Serbia in 2008

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Flag-Waving Drone Sparks Chaos, Halts Serbia-Albania Soccer Match

And now for a truly surreal story featuring international soccer, geopolitical beef, tussling players, riot police and — of course — a flag-waving drone.
To set the stage: Serbia and Albania played a qualifying match for the Euro 2016 soccer tournament on Tuesday night in Belgrade, Serbia. It was Albania’s first match in Belgrade since 1967. The two countries have long had major, and sometimes violent, tension. No visiting fans were allowed in the stadium
The evening did not end well

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Serbia-Albania qualifier abandoned

A European championship football match between Serbia and Albania is abandoned after a drone carrying a political message sparks clashes.

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Fold up quadcopter can be hidden easily and controlled from a smartphone

The $200 Anura was created by a New York photographer, and its four rotors fold up into its own body when not in use.

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Reddit's Pitch for Sponsored Content Isn't Appealing to Anyone

Reddit, faced with an unappealing advertising system and the Silicon Valley-specific problem of being hella popular but still losing money, made its pitch to to let content creators post their own content directly to specific subreddits.The problem with its latest pitch, however, is that it’s still not appealing to anyone, really. A post made last week by Reddit advertising administrator Kristine Smith, known on the site as KrispyKrackers, said that the site wants to make “a platform that can make reddit work for content creators,” meaning it wants to let brands, news outlets, and presumably small business owners to post their own content—for a fee.People have been doing this forever, on their own, for free, and often sketchily. But it’s strictly against reddit’s rules to submit links that only come from your own website

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Everything We Know About X-37B, the Air Force's Mysterious Space Drone

The US Air Force’s mini robotic space plane, called the X-37B, is reportedly coming home today after spending 22 months orbiting Earth. The question today, as it was when it launched is, what the heck was it doing up there?If you haven’t heard of it, the X-37B looks exactly like NASA’s retired space shuttles, except it’s about one third the size, and it’s unmanned. Its mission is completely classified, which has led to plenty of conspiracy theories and speculation about the plane’s possible use as a space weapon or something of that sort.The only information the Air Force has ever volunteered about the Boeing-made vehicle’s mission is that it’s testing “reusable spacecraft technologies for America’s future in space and operating experiments which can be returned to, and examined, on Earth.”So, umm, we’re not learning all that much there

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Drone Licence Plates? The UK Explores Regulations for Privacy

Although drones have gained popularity in the UK in recent years, regulation doesnt seem to have caught up just yet. Now critics have suggested that we may need new legislation on drone use, and especially around the data UAVs can collect.Yesterday afternoon, the House of Lords EU Sub-Committee asked representatives from the Department of Transport and the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills about the UK’s current regulation around civilian drone use. A sample question on the agenda asked about the balance between stricter legislation and business interests: The UK is already adhering to strict regulations—could further regulation end up hampering its future competitiveness? The full transcript will be released by the end of this week.But both in the UK and Europe, some feel a more pressing drone issue concerns the data government-piloted UAVs can harvest, and what that means for privacy

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Cool video selfie taken with a drone

You know what I want now? A flying iPhone.Read more…

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GoPros and Drones Are Taking Selfies to New Heights

Drones are officially your new, best selfie accessory
This “dronie,” from Matt Benedetto, just screams 2014. There’s a selfie, taken with a GoPro camera, attached to a drone, flying off of a picturesque cliff of Lake Champlain in Vermont.
What more could you possibly ask for, Internet?

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