Drone video shows scale of destruction at Donetsk airport

The $400 million Donetsk Airport now lies in ruins after months of battles between Ukrainian forces and separatists vying for its control, a video flyby confirms
On Friday, separatist in Donetsk claimed they had taken control of the entire airport that has become a symbol for the struggle for control in the country’s east
Ukrainian authorities were quick to deny the report.
Drone footage taken on Thursday gives an aerial view of the scale of the destruction at the airport that has been at the center of a tug-of-war between Ukrainian forces and separatist militia since May
The airport, a key strategic location just outside the separatist stronghold of Donetsk, has seen numerous fierce battles between the two sides Read more…More about Us World and World

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Fall Out Boy covering 'Uptown Funk' will restore your faith in Fall Out Boy

In case you’ve been waiting for the day Fall Out Boy would delve into some soulful dance jams, your moment has arrived.
The band stopped by BBC Radio 1 to cover Mark Ronson’s super catchy tune “Uptown Funk,” and it is probably the best thing Fall Out Boy has ever done — or it’s a testament to the greatness of the song
BBC Radio 1 covers could be eligible for Grammy awards if they keep up this miracle working.

Drone video shows scale of destruction at Donetsk airport
Crazy strong woman is basically the Beyoncé of pull-ups
People willingly give away their passwords on camera
Kevin Hart and Jimmy Fallon play painful game of slapjack Read more..

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Watch This Vine of SpaceX’s Rocket Crashing and Exploding

When SpaceX attempted to land its Falcon 9 rocket on a drone ship last week, they said it “landed hard” on the boat. That is a huge understatement, as evidenced by this Vine the company just posted of the rocket blowing up on impact with the boat:The Falcon 9 is SpaceX’s darling project: a reusable rocket they hope will someday be able to shuttle humans into space. The $35 million Falcon 9 is designed to be flown, return to earth, and reused, unlike the rockets we know today, which crash land and are obliterated upon returning home. After last week’s launch, CEO Elon Musk tweeted that the “ship is fine,” so the drone ship will live to see another test round. And he also said they have pinpointed what went wrong with the Falcon 9:Source: TwitterHe added that the fins, which help to steer the rocket, worked for about four minutes before they ran out of the hydraulic fluid that powers them, making the landing about “10% off,” according to Musk’s tweet

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Drone being developed with sole purpose to kill other drones

The friendly skies might be getting a lot less friendly if the Rapere comes to fruition. Rapere is a drone aircraft intended to disable or destroy other drones using a so-called “tangle-line.” There […]

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This Is SpaceX's Rocket Crash-Landing on a Barge

Last week, SpaceX tried to land its Falcon 9 rocket on a drone barge and failed . Now Elon Musk has posted footage of the crash landing on Twitter. It isn’t pretty.Read more.

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3D printing created this drone, complete with circuitry

3D printing has been described as a force for revolutionary change, but with all the tchotchkes, jewelry and, lately, food, people are printing, it sometimes feels less like a revolution than an awesome hobby
Advances in biomedical 3D printing certainly help dispel some of those notions. The world’s first 3D electronics printer from Voxel8 could eliminate them completely.
See also: Behold: The sub-$2,000 3D food printer
Voxel8 is a small high-tech materials firm in Summerville, Massachusetts, that has built what it believes is the World’s first 3D electronics printer. Previous electronics printing efforts have involved retrofitting existing 3D printers or printing out circuit boards using inkjet printers and a lot of elbow grease. Read more

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News orgs partner for drone research

Gannett, AP and NYT are among those joining partnering with Virginia Tech.


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Air Force Moves to Retain a Crucial Resource: Drone Pilots

The Air Force said it would work to address a shortage of pilots for unmanned aircraft by expanding incentive pay, tapping reserve forces and working to lure pilots of manned aircraft to move over to drones.

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Skydio Turns Your Phone Into a Crash-Proof Magic Wand for Flying Drones

Fully autonomous flight is the future of consumer drones. But today’s “autonomous” drone technology isn’t foolproof . Now, a startup called Skydio wants to change that with a new kind of auto-pilot that uses a drone’s camera. It looks insanely great.Read more

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Man vs Drone: Some Pilots Fight Back Against Robots

In an unfolding battle over U.S. skies, it’s man versus drone. Aerial surveyors, photographers and moviemaking pilots are increasingly losing business to robots that often can do their jobs faster, cheaper and better.

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