This Drone Ambulance Is Totally Wild, And Totally Inevitable

Want to get an ambulance through urban environments faster? Give it propellers and space for one passenger. For Body Week, Co.Design asked a select group of design firms: What one thing in the health care industry desperately needs to be redesigned, and how would you redesign it? Here, argodesign imagines the flying ambulances of the future.—EdsRead Full Story

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Let's Talk About Whatever You Want Right Now

There are only a handful of hours left in the work week before you can start prepping for face-stuffing and football-watching on Super Bowl Sunday. This year’s big game will feature 44,928 LED lights (which will hopefully stay on), two teams, one Katy Perry, and not a single drone . It’s all bound to be entertaining.Read more.

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The FAA Says It's Banning Drones at the Super Bowl Because of 9/11

The FAA sent us a bit more detail about why it’s banning drones at Sunday’s Super Bowl. As you may have predicted, the ban stems from legislation passed after 9/11. Read more..

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Why Are Fax Machines Still a Thing?

Fax machines are actually kind of amazing when you think about it.No, really, bear with me for a second and think about what a fax machine does: You take a physical, hard copy document and send it through telephone wires to another place on the planet and then the recipient gets their own physical, hard copy version of that document. And then you get a printout that lets you know they got it, like a retro version of the delivered notification on iMessage. And the earliest version was invented more than a century and a half ago. Wut

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FAA makes Sunday’s Super Bowl a ‘no drone zone’

Sunday’s Super Bowl has been designated a ‘no drone zone’ by the Federal Aviation Administration, which obviously fears some bright spark may be considering firing up their recently bought quadcopter for a recreational stadium flyover. The post FAA makes Sunday’s Super Bowl a ‘no drone zone’ appeared first on Digital Trends.

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The Gorgeous View From a Delivery Drone Over Hong Kong 

Drone delivery is inherently dangerous—regardless of how excited companies like Amazon are getting about the idea, the thought of airborne robots weaving in between skyscrapers and over cars is downright unnerving. That’s why it took months of preparation for a group of hobbyists to stage Hong Kong’s first drone delivery. Read more..

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The FAA's Drone Ban at the Super Bowl Is Absurd

You may have heard about the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) quietly declaring that this year’s Super Bowl will be a “no drone zone.” You may not have heard just how big that no drone zone will be. It’s 60 miles wide. The no drone zone is larger than the city of Phoenix. Seems a little bit absurd, huh?Read more

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Man Lost Contact With Drone Before It Sped to White House, Friend Says

The man was flying the drone outside his apartment window when it shot off toward the White House, the friend who owned the device said.

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How Elon Musk Is Like a 19th Century Railroad Baron

At the end of last year, I suggested, as a joke, that it was probably only a matter of days before Elon Musk got on a podium somewhere and said that, soon enough, wed drive our Teslas to the Hyperloop Station that would shoot us to a SpaceX airport and then wed take a rocket to our thorium powered Martian colony where wed eat 3D-printed food. And, to repeat, I was joking.But then, Musk went and said hes going to put an array of low-orbiting satellites into space and start offering low-cost internet to everyone, with a $1 billion cash influx from Google. Which kind of begs the question: What, exactly, is Elon Musks long-term plan for SpaceX?To merely call Musk forward-looking would be laughable; were all here playing checkers, hes playing some as-yet unnamed game because hes still busy inventing it. So I did a bit of a spit take when I heard the satellite news

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Best drone video yet? Two guys strap roman candles on a quadcopter and let it rain

After knocking back a couple beers, these two idiots had the bright idea to strap a bunch of roman candles to a quadcopter drone and chase each other around the backyard. And thank god they did — it’s hilarious The post Best drone video yet? Two guys strap roman candles on a quadcopter and let it rain appeared first on Digital Trends.

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