To build any sort of autonomous vehicle, you need a controller. This has to handle all sorts of jobs – reading sensor outputs, controlling motors and actuators, managing power sources – controlling a vehicle of even moderate complexity requires significant resources. Modern cars are a great example of this – even non-autonomous vehicles can have separate computers to control the engine, interior electronics, and safety systems. In this vein, [E.N

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France’s state-run railway operator SNCF is working to develop driverless high-speed trains for its national rail system, effectively putting “drone trains” on the tracks.
The conductor-free TGVs (the French acronym for high speed trains) would bring self-driving tech to some of the fastest vehicles in the world, which regularly travel at speeds around 200 mph.  The trains are projected to hit the tracks in 2019 for prototype testing, according to a FranceInfo report, and will only transport cargo to start. The TGVs could take on passengers by 2023 for routes between Paris and southeast France.  Read more

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The US grocery industry was thrust into the national spotlight on Friday when Amazon announced it was buying Whole Foods for $13.7 billion. While many were initially shocked by the news, it’s not totally surprising given Amazon’s business ambitions and the state of Whole Foods. Amazon’s own grocery store service, Amazon Fresh, has been operating since 2007 and steadily expanded from a few small markets to a handful of major cities around the world. Meanwhile, Whole Foods has been struggling with declining sales for more than a year straight, and its leadership has been locked in an acrimonious public battle with activist investors over the future direction of the company

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Newly obtained documents from the Department of Justice reveal more than a dozen instances of attempts to smuggle contraband into prison by using drones. Porn, cell phones, and drugs are some of the items being trafficked.
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Humanity is a planetwide force. We have the power to change our weather. We have the power to change the shape of the land. We have the power to selectively wipe a species from this earth if we choose.  We’ve had this power for a while and we’re still coming to terms with it

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