To truly understand the heart of Martha Stewart, you need to dig deep into her personal Instagram account, @MarthaStewart48, where you’ll find Martha’s full, uninhibited self.  
There aren’t carefully polished photos of omelettes, floral arrangements, or mint juleps like there are on her professional account. This isn’t where you go for that clean, Connecticut feeling. 
In Martha Stewart’s personal Instagram world, there’s cosmetic dentistry, dog puzzles, and excessive amounts of bunny content.
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Between partnering with a Canadian marijuana company and broadcasting her friendship with hip-hop legend Snoop Dogg, Martha Stewart has been cultivating her “hip” persona for years now

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A Falcon 9 launch, stage separation, and booster landing on Saturday morning in one long exposure. [credit:
SpaceX ]

During the wee hours of Friday morning, as the clock counted down toward the launch of a Falcon 9 rocket, SpaceX engineers worked frantically at their control stations. They tracked the health of the rocket, the status of fuel loading, the nearby weather, and more for the mission to deliver supplies to the International Space Station.
“There was a lot going on, and I’ve got to applaud them because everything that was hitting the screen they were dealing with,” the senior NASA figure at the launch, Kenny Todd, recalled later during a news conference. “There was a lot of talk on the loops when you consider the weather, the wind, the issues with the drone ship, and the helium leak

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Drones’ Batteries Could Last Longer if They Could Perch Like Birds  FuturismDrones Might Work Longer With Some Bird-Inspired Modifications  NPRView full coverage on Google News

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When we think about hydrogen and flying machines, it’s quite common to imagine Zeppelins, weather balloons and similar uses of hydrogen in lighter-than-air craft to lift stuff of the ground. But with smaller and more efficient fuel cells, hydrogen is gaining its place in the drone field. Project RACHEL is a hydrogen powered drone project that involves multiple companies and has now surpassed the 60 minutes of flight milestone.
The initial target of the project was to achieve 60 minutes of continuous flight while carrying a 5 kg payload. The Lithium Polymer battery-powered UAVs flown by BATCAM allow around 12 minutes

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How do you get an enemy drone out of the sky as quickly as possible? According to anti-drone tech company AerialX, the answer is a cross between a missile and a quadcopter. Meet DroneBullet.
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