Not even a $400,000 sponsorship from Netflix can remedy Rome’s Christmas tree woes. The eternal city notoriously had such a sparse Christmas tree in 2017 that people joked wwas “spelacchio” (meaning “baldy” in Italian) internationally. More cynical observers thought that the shabbiness of the tree might reflect the tensions in Rome and the country at large.
In an attempt to troubleshoot the Christmas tree debacle this year, Rome’s mayor enlisted Netflix to sponsor the tree in their central square to the tune of more than $400,000. Unfortunately for Rome, however, this year’s Christmas tree had issues of its own, with many broken branches and oozing sap

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Drone deliveries may finally become a reality.
Wing, Alphabet’s drone delivery startup, has announced it will launch a trial-run of its service in Finland in spring 2019. 
The initial run will take place in Helsinki and offer 10 minute deliveries of items weighing up to 3.3 pounds on a round trip of up to 20 miles. The company is currently collecting more information from residents on its website, such as what people would like to see delivered by the service

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Google’s parent company, Alphabet, will test its drone delivery service in Finland next year.

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Google-parent Alphabet is taking its “Wing” drone delivery project to Helsinki in Finland. The move follows 18 months of trials in Australia, and gives the team the chance to test its technology in a harsh winter climate.
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The NYPD is buying 14 drones to assist officers in rescue missions, traffic- crash investigations and large events, but civil-liberty advocates worry the technology may be abused.

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