We gush about TVs on sale every weekend, but what we don’t talk about enough is what you can do with those savings. 
Sure, you can be a responsible adult and put that $500 in savings or whatever. But here are some more fun possibilities:

This 43-inch TV from LG is $230 off. With $230, you can buy a new drone or robot vacuum.
This 55-inch TV from Samsung is $470 off

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Enlarge / The Falcon Heavy rocket, at sunset along the Florida coast. (credit: Trevor Mahlmann for Ars Technica)
7pm ET Update: Well, that was exhilarating. SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy rocket launched at the top of its window on Thursday evening from Florida, and soared into space under clear skies. First, the two side boosters separated. And then the center core detached from the second stage, which carried its satellite payload on toward geostationary orbit

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Almost an entire episode of Black Summer, Netflix’s new slow-burn zombie thriller, is about a single character on the run from a single zombie. The entire half hour is brimming with terrifying anxiety.  It’s an unusual format but the doggedness of this drama will make it stand out from the horde of TV shows about the undead. 
That doesn’t mean it’s for everyone. It caters specifically to fans of the genre who will patiently wait for Season 1 to put together its many puzzle pieces over time while providing sufficient gore as a reward

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Looking for a story from last year? Or five years ago? Google just made searching by date much simpler. 
Here’s how it works: Type whatever you’re looking for into Google’s search field on either desktop or mobile, followed by the time frame for results you want to see. For example, if you wanted to read all of Mashable’s articles about Google changes this year, you’d search for “mashable google after:2019-01-01.”
SEE ALSO: Google’s drone delivery service just got approved for public use in Australia
One nice touch is that you can get similar results without entering a month and day. Searching “mashable google after:2018” would give you the same results

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Google’s Project Wing drone delivery service will take to the skies over Australia’s capital “in the coming weeks.” After 18 months of trials, Project Wing—an offshoot of Google parent company Alphabet—earned approval to […] The post Google Wing Delivers Food, Meds to Australians Via Drone appeared first on Geek.com.

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