Navigation algorithm lets drones perform challenging acrobatics

Scientists have developed a quadrotor helicopter, or quadcopter, that can learn to fly acrobatic manoeuvres that would challenge even a human operator.

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DRONEII: The Drone Market from 2020-2025, Five Key Takeaways

Guest post: This article published with permission from our friends at DroneII, Drone Industry Insights. Article authored by Lukas Schroth

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Deuce Drone Will Test Wing Delivery Over Alabama

Tasty wings may someday wing their way over the skies of Mobile, Ala. Startup Deuce Drone announced the signing this week of an agreement with Buffalo Wild Wings franchisee Potter Wings Mobile to demonstrate drone deliveries of the restaurant’s select menu items

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Scotland’s BrewDog Wants To Make Beer Deliveries Via Drone [VIDEO]

It’s the perfect solution for the summer of social distancing. Scotland’s BrewDog, a craft beer brewery in Scotland, envisions a low tech but highly effective application for drone delivery – dropping a six-pack by drone

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The FAA’s Drone Advisory Committee: Here’s What Happened

The Drone Advisory Committee (DAC) met Friday to move forward with recommendations on critical issues for drone integration into the U.S

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Game-changing sidegrade for Apex Legends’ Lifeline confirmed by Respawn

Her drone will gain a new ability

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U.K. Lowland Rescue Adds New Head of Drone Regulations

UAV thought leader Gemma Alcock is best known for her work with Skybound Rescuer, a leading European resource for using drones in public safety applications.  Alcock has been a major voice in the Drones for Good movement, expanding the use of drone technology in search and rescue to incorporate the newest available solutions and best […] The post U

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Nano Drones: The Tiny Personal Drones the Military is Buying in Bulk

Nano drones, the advanced systems that pack a lot of functionality into a tiny form factor, are becoming a major military tool.  FLIR announced last month that they have won an additional $20

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The FAA’s Drone Advisory Committee Meeting is this Friday: You Can Watch

Like many events these days, the FAA’s Drone Advisory Committee has gone remote.  The meeting will be held this Friday, June 19: from 12 -3 pm EST – and drone stakeholders have the opportunity to watch, as the meetings will be livestreamed on the FAA’s Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube channels

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Obstacle Avoidance For Drones, Learned From Mosquitoes

Our understanding of the sensory capabilities of animals has a lot of blanks, and often new discoveries serve as inspiration for new technology. Researchers from the University of Leeds and the Royal Veterinary College have found that mosquitos can navigate in complete darkness by detecting the subtle changes in the air flow created when they fly close to obstacles. They then used this knowledge to build a simple but effective sensor for use on drones.
Extremely sensitive receptors at the base of the antennae on mosquitoes’ heads, called the Johnston’s organ, allow them to sense these tiny changes in airflow. Using

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