Insane speeds. Stunning wings of death. Autonomous destruction. Crazy fast sumo wrestling Japanese robots are legit. Give me this over drone racing any day

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The Iranian-made drone was thought to be armed and threatening US troops on the ground, officials say.

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NewsweekRussia v. US in Syria. Who Holds the Legal High Ground?NewsweekOn Sunday, a U

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Drone video shows burnt-out cars in the Pedrógão Grande area, where a fire has left 62 people dead.

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One of the companion technologies in the developing field of augmented reality is gesture tracking. It’s one thing to put someone in a virtual or augmented world, but without a natural way to interact inside of it the user experience is likely to be limited. Of course, gestures can be used to control things in the real world as well, and to that end [Sarah]’s latest project uses this interesting human interface device to control a drone.
The project uses a Leap Motion sensor to detect and gather the gesture data, and feeds all of that information into LabVIEW. A Parrot AR Drone was chosen for this project because of a robust API that works well with this particular software suite

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