Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) used a drone to survey bighorn sheep on Pikes Peak for the first time. (Photo Credit: Colorado Parks and Wildlife’s Southeast Region / Twitter)

Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) conducts a survey of bighorn sheep on Pikes Peak twice a year, however, observing herds can be difficult on the steep summit. Now, for the first time, CPW deployed a drone to do the job and it showed a cool aerial view of the animals in their natural habitat.
The survey, which studies how many ewes, lambs, and rams are present along the Devil’s Playground on Pikes Peak, takes place once in the summer and once in the winter, KMGH-TV reported. According to Southeast Region spokesman Bill Vogrin, the drone was equipped with high-altitude propellers and the sheep responded well to the device flying over them

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The Drone Racing League’s latest aerial speedster is capable of accelerating from 0 to 90mph in less than a second. Here’s how you can get your hands on one to put through its paces.

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Amazon has grand plans to deliver packages to its customers via autonomous drones but first it needs to get clearance.

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13,670 nautical miles. 50-foot waves. One big collision. 
Over the weekend a Saildrone — a 23-foot long uncrewed marine robot — withstood the tempestuous seas around Antarctica to complete the first-ever circumnavigation of the continent by a drone. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) scientists collaborated with autonomous vehicle specialists, Saildrone, to test whether the seafaring robot could survive the rough waters, and make successful scientific observations

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When talking about modern day drones you usually need to make a distinction between the flying robots the government uses to fight forever wars and the flying robots indie filmmakers use to get sick aerial shots. DJI products firmly fall in the latter. However, one look at the DJI RoboMaster S1 had us wondering if the company was considering the former. But don’t worry, this land drone will educate your kid, not eradicate them.

Can you see why we’re so spooked by this thing though? The DJI RoboMaster totally continues the trend of kids toys look increasingly militarized

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