The St. Lawrence beluga whales appear to have adopted a stray narwhal, who was spotted swimming with a group of at least 10 other whales in drone footage captured in August.

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A UK startup has pulled off the first successful test flight of their electric-powered flying car prototype.

Belfast born Stephen Fitzpatrick is a well-known businessman and former owner of the now-defunct British Formula One racing team Manor Racing. In 2016, the millionaire started Vertical Aerospace after assembling a team of Formula One engineers and experts snatched from Airbus, Boeing, General Electric and Rolls-Royce.
Today, road and airport infrastructure is under enormous pressure and air travel is proving to be increasingly harmful to the environment. This Bristol-based entrepreneurship wants to tap into the market of short-haul flights with a vertical take-off vehicle that looks like something out of a sci-fi film

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While most of today’s drones can stay airborne for around half an hour tops, Impossible Aerospace’s US-1 drone can fly for up to two hours. How did it do it? Essentially by building the machine around a larger-than-usual battery.
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Drones aren’t just for spying on your neighbors or taking selfies. They can also be used to create art.


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U.S. start-up Impossible Aerospace said on Monday the first of its fully electric quadcopters, which can fly up to two hours on a single charge, nearly five times that of its closest competitors, will be delivered to customers later this year.

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