Mitch Altman Asks How You’re Using Your Life

This talk will probably make you a bit angry. You might be upset with some of Mitch Altman’s views or his hyperbole in describing them. Or you might be upset because you totally agree with his views and feel the same disappointment he does with many (ab)uses of technology. Either way, the point of his talk, which was given at the 2019 Hackaday Superconference, is that we all should think deeply about what we choose to do with our time and our talents. Consider yourself challenged.
The video below is packed full of colorful ideas, along with some colorful language. Let’s

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U.S. Divided Over Chinese Drone Bans

The Interior Department grounded its fleet over national security concerns. But other agencies are more worried about the impact of an all-out ban.

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Drones May Soon Deliver Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream

Ice cream addicts jonesing for Chunky Monkey  or Cherry Garcia may soon look to the skies for their daily allowance of frozen heaven. Terra Drone Europe is teaming up with British-Dutch conglomerate Unilever to explore drone delivery of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream cups

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Drone Marketing Meets Reality TV With Surveying as the Backdrop

We here at DRONELIFE are as vulnerable as anyone else to the joys of reality TV, so we were pleased to see that drone provider Microdrones is scheduled to release a reality TV styled video webinar series named Down to Earth.  The idea is to show the challenges and hazards that surveying crews face in the field

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DRONERESPONDERS Lands in Latin America for Drone Safety Project

DRONERESPONDERS, billed as “the world’s fastest growing non-profit program supporting public safety UAS,” is bringing its message to Latin America. During a recent workshop in Bogota, Colombia, the group announced a partnership between APD Humanitario and DRONERESPONDERS parent group, Airborne Incident Response Team to launch a Spanish-language initiative of the program

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South Korea Taking a Major Place in the Global Drone Industry

At drone shows around the world companies from South Korea (Republic of Korea) have taken a major place – and this week in Rwanda, South Korea’s Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, the World Banks Group’s Korea Office, and the Korea Green Growth Trust Fund joined global partners to produce this week’s African Drone Forum. […] The post South Korea Taking a Major Place in the Global Drone Industry appeared first on DRONELIFE

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The State of Drone Regulations in Africa: a Call for Harmonization

Drone regulations around the world are still in the development stages, and Africa is no different.  Despite many ground-breaking application, formalized regulations that will encourage industry growth remain in process

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AI powered drone used to createa a detailed 3D map of the Dragon's Breath Cave

A team of researchers have mapped the mysterious Dragon’s Breath Cave, one of the world’s largest underground lakes below the Kalahari Desert, which was too deep for humans.

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The New Thought Leaders in Africa’s Drone Industry: World Bank’s Drone Youth Scholars

Drone industry thought leaders from all over the world are in Rwanda this week at the African Drone Forum.  Future industry leaders are also present: the World Bank’s 2020 African Drone Youth Scholar program

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FAA Policy Could Redefine Drone Classifications

In a move that may clear the way for more drone-delivery projects, the FAA this week released a proposal to certify some drones as a “special class” of aircraft. The notice of policy will allow the FAA flexibility to create new types of certificates based on specific functions as drone tech evolves

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