A drone may be implicated as the cause of a recent helicopter crash in South Carolina. If the unmanned flying object is indeed determined to be the at fault, this will mark the first drone-related crash of an aircraft in the U.S.
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Drake is on a quest to be the most-loved rapper in the game. Exhibit A: the music video for “God’s Plan,” his new track that’s sitting pretty atop the Billboard charts for its third week now. When he was filming the video in the Miami area, news quickly spread about his benevolent behavior. We knew he dropped at least $200,000 on scholarships and donations just from those sneak peeks. Turns out it was more like $1 million, a good deed that Drake teased was the “most important thing” he’s ever done in his career

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Drones are pretty interesting and versatile pieces of technology. They can be used for surveillance, high-speed video capture, package deliveries and even ocean rescues. However, as their popularity grows, so too does their associated risks – specifically regarding the devices sharing the sky with larger, more dangerous aircraft.

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Apple’s new futuristic, almost all-glass, Cupertino, Calif. campus may be beautiful, but it’s causing some problems for employees.
Apparently, Apple workers keep walking into Apple Park’s nifty glass walls. And it’s not just because glass is, ya know, glass: it’s because their faces are buried in their iPhones.
Oh Karma, you do have a sense of humor!
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Bloomberg reports that multiple employees have found themselves unexpectedly running into the glass walls that are the design hallmark of Apple Park

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MIDI, the Musical Instrument Digital Interface, was released in 1983 in a truly bizarre association between musical instrument manufacturers. At no other time, before or since, has there been such cooperation between different manufacturers to define a standard. Since then, the MIDI spec has been expanded with SysEx messages, the ability to dump samples via MIDI, redefining the tuning of instruments via MIDI to support non-Western music, and somewhere deep in the spec, karaoke machines.
Now there’s a new update to the MIDI spec (Gearnews link, here’s the official midi.org announcement but their website requires registration and is a hot garbage fire)

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