Drone Startup Partners With Purdue To Boost Biofuel Crops

An agbioscience startup is helping Purdue University develop more and better biofuel yields. GRYFN is partnering with Purdue under a $4

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Skywatch.AI Partners with Parazero: Drone Pilots Save Money on Insurance with Safety Systems

Two players in the commercial drone space have just announced a partnership to help reduce insurance costs for commercial drone pilots.  It’s a partnership that makes sense – an InsurTech platform that’s all about quantifying risks, and a developer of drone safety systems proven to significantly reduce those risks: these two Israeli startups are joining […] The post Skywatch

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Bear Witness to the Teddy Bear Gift With a Hidden Meaning That’s Bestowing a Touching Present on Everyone

When a man’s mom gave him a teddy bear over Thanksgiving, he wasn’t quite sure what to make of it. It was only after a closer inspection of the little bear and a brief trip down memory lane, he realized that his mother had made him an irreplaceable treasure.
Twitter user @HiyaJosiah shared the heart-warming story on social media. “Mom gave me a teddy bear thanksgiving. Took a second to realize it‘s one of the most valuable things I’ve ever owned,” he wrote in the post

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Upper-level winds scrub SpaceX launch attempt on Wednesday [Updated]

On Wednesday morning, the Falcon 9 rocket stands ready on the launch pad. [credit:
Trevor Mahlmann for Ars ]

12:20pm ET Wednesday Update: SpaceX says it has canceled Wednesday’s launch attempt due to high winds over the launch site, as well as rough seas in the vicinity of its drone ship, which may have precluded a safe first stage landing.
Fortunately the company has a back-up launch attempt on Thursday, set for 12:29pm ET (17:29 UTC). Weather conditions are expected to be more favorable at that time.
Original post: A twice-flown Dragon spacecraft is ready to be launched on Wednesday to the International Space Station

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The UK’s New Drone Registration & Education Scheme: Everything You Need to Know

The registration deadline has now passed for drone pilots in the UK. As of November 30th, the CAA’s registration and education scheme is mandatory

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