Missing Sports? Join Hivemapper’s “March Mapness” Contest (in April)

Drone pilots are quarantined like everyone else – but if you can get out of the house to log some flying hours, you won’t want to miss Hivemapper’s March Mapness contest.  The contest is open to all drone pilots flying almost any hardware or camera, and you can create a free account to participate

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NOAA Launches Expanded Drone Program

NOAA is predicting clear skies for a new drone program the agency rolls out this week. In a media statement, the agency announced the launch of the Unmanned Systems Operations Program

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Simplifying Drone Operations for Enterprise Customers: DroneLogbook and FlytBase

Drone solutions for the enterprise are honing in on the needs of business customers.  Two hardware agnostic drone solutions are integrating to provide a seamless solution for large enterprise customers: FlytBase, a drone automation platform that allows deployment of drone fleets; and DroneLogbook, a solution designed to facilitate compliance for commercial operations

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This “Pandemic Drone” Can See Who Has a Temperature – or Coughs

Governments and researchers around the world are working on new solutions for pandemics in the current Covid-19 crisis.  Drones have been important tools for applications including drone delivery and disinfection – but in this project, Canadian drone solutions company Draganfly will act as systems integrator with a healthcare data services company and researchers in Australia, […] The post This “Pandemic Drone” Can See Who Has a Temperature – or Coughs appeared first on DRONELIFE

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Ariana Grande’s ‘Victorious’ Zoom Reunion Is What Nostalgic Dreams Are Made of

Stars: they’re just like us.
No matter how famous, they are also limited by the rules of social distancing — and have been making use of teleconferencing software like Zoom to host “parties.”
Just consider the case of Ariana Grande, Victoria Justice and the rest of the cast of 2010 hit Nickelodeon show Victorious, created by Dan Schneider. According to Schneider, the group had intended to have a reunion of sorts to celebrate the show’s 10-year anniversary. But the novel coronavirus — intervened

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DIY Bagpipes Made From Common Household Items

The bagpipes, most commonly seen in their Great Highland form from Scotland, are a loud and imposing musical instrument. Known for being difficult to practice quietly, they’re not the ideal thing to pick up in these times of quarantine and isolation. But, if you must, here’s how you can craft your own at home!
A garbage bag is used as the air bag for this design, readily available and easy to work with. A recorder is then installed into the bag to act as the chanter – the part of the instrument with with pitch is controlled by finger position. A

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Amazon Taps Ex-Boeing Exec to Helm Drone Delivery

Amazon is bringing a veteran aviation exec on board to run its drone-delivery subsidiary as the retail giant continues to push for 30-minute aerial shipping. On Monday, CNET reported David Carbon, former VP of 787 operations for Boeing, will lead Prime Air, Amazon’s UAV-delivery service

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Zipline: Drones Could Begin Helping U.S. Hospitals Respond to Covid-19 Now

(News and Commentary). Drone delivery heroes Zipline are already performing thousands of lifesaving drone delivery flights every day in Africa

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UK Police Force Takes Flak for COVID Drone Tweet

As drones help flatten the curve that is the global coronavirus pandemic, a British police force has been criticized for going too far with aerial surveillance. On Thursday, Derbyshire Police tweeted a 90-second aerial video of two people walking their dog in the Peak District’s Curbar Edge national park days after the UK issued a […] The post UK Police Force Takes Flak for COVID Drone Tweet appeared first on DRONELIFE

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PrecisionHawk Deploys Drones to Keep the Lights On

Despite stay-at-home orders in more than 25 states due to the coronavirus pandemic, utility workers (including drone operators) remain on the job as the first line of defense of critical power infrastructure. Pilots with Raleigh-based drone company PrecisionHawk have been deployed around the country to ensure uninterrupted utility service

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