Is it just us, or have people become drone-obsessed lately? They fly them in parks, beaches — basically any wide open area they can find. Your neighbor’s drone is probably even lodged in the tree in your backyard as you read this.
With the rise of recreational drones, users are more concerned with how to take the perfect aerial selfie as opposed to how their small, pilotless aircraft is capable of maneuvering the skies in the first place. Wouldn’t it be cool to discover the inner workings of the flying vehicles you love so much?
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If you’ve been getting a bit reckless with your drone and suspect you may be heading toward a spectacular crash, then these messy drone mishaps should help you avoid such a calamity.
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A joint team of engineers and scientists from Delft University of Technology’s Micro Air Vehicle Laboratory (MAVLab) and Wageningen University & Research have created an autonomous winged drone that can mimic the flight mechanics of a fruit fly. If you have ever tried swatting a fruit fly, you know how…

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Last year saw the most devastating wildfire season on record in California. Could drones help? One drone surveying company, Flight Evolved, is doing its part to assist. Here’s how.
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Hurricane Florence is coming for me. I live in the middle of South Carolina and, as I type this, the sky is darkening and the wind is picking up. There’s an electricity in the air—that weird drop in barometric pressure is a sure sign a storm is coming. I live in a flood-prone area that might see high waters, but nothing like what’s battering the coast, where the storm surge might put up to nine feet of water in the street. Nine feet

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