The Trump administration on Monday proposed rules that would allow drones to operate over populated areas and end a requirement for special permits for night use, long-awaited actions that are expected to help speed commercial use of small unmanned aerial vehicles in the United States.

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Most of the robots Simone Giertz builds fail. The lipstick bot smears makeup all over her face. The breakfast machine knocks over a cereal box and spills milk on the kitchen table. The baby-carrying drone should never be allowed near a real baby. That’s all what Giertz, having gained internet popularity as the Queen of Shitty Robots, intended

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CES is over, and once again we have proof technology does not improve our lives. Here’s the takeaway from the @internetofshit. There’s a garbage can where you can drop your DNA sample. This is obviously not a Bay Area startup, because they just leave DNA samples on the sidewalk there. The ‘smart cooler’ market is heating up (literally) with a cooler that’s also a grill

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Enlarge / The first stage of a Falcon 9 rocket targeted for a launch Friday morning first flew in September, 2018, launching the Telstar 18 mission. (credit: SpaceX)
10:40am ET Friday update: The Falcon 9 rocket launched during its target window on Friday, as sunrise broke over the Pacific Coast at Vandenberg Air Force Base. The launch was nominal, with the first stage delivering the payload into low-Earth orbit, and then descending back to a drone ship in the Pacific Ocean. Final deployment of the 10 Iridium satellites was expected about 1 hour and 11 minutes after the launch.
Original post: Fresh off a successful flight campaign in 2018, which included a record 21 missions, SpaceX returns to the launchpad Friday for its first mission of the new year

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Drones are being used to map previously unmapped areas in Africa to the benefit of its citizens.

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