Nice piece..and they are cool. Not sure about the idea of a website called “YouDrone”, but hey..why not!?

Of course “dronies” are a thing. Combining the craze for all things drone with our insatiable appetite for taking pictures of ourselves, it was inevitable that “drone selfies” would soon take over from belfies, shelfies, and the morally repugnant selfies with homeless people as the latest faddish photo microtrend.While people have likely been using camera-equipped drones to take pictures of themselves for a while, the term “dronie” slipped into the mainstream this month when the New York Times’ Nick Bilton took one with Photojojo founder Amit Gupta and Vimeo cofounder Zach Klein. However much you’re inclined to eye-roll at the latest tech craze, the result is undeniably pretty cool:For those who have managed to avoid the term so far, a dronie has the same essential features as any other selfie subgenre, with a few key exceptions. Firstly, it’s video rather than a still, usually about ten seconds long: your standard dronie starts with a close-up shot of the subject, with the drone then zooming backwards and up

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Unmanned aircraft has been used to carry out military strikes, to film weddings and possibly will be used someday to deliver Amazon products
Now some entrepreneurs see another use: advertising.
Gauravjit Singh on Monday launched DroneCast, a startup that uses banners — literal ones — to spread advertising messages. The agency already has five clients in Philadelphia. Each will pay $100 a day to use of of DroneCast’s four $4,000 drones to advertise over busy intersections, according to a report. The banners, which can run as long as 6 feet, will fly about 25 feet in the air
That is, unless the Federal Aviation Association shuts the company down

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These last few weeks I’ve been ordering parts for the Hackaday Testbed, a basic quadcopter to be used here at Hackaday. The top question I see when surfing multicopter forums is “What should I buy”. Which frame, motors,  props, speed controller, and batteries are best?  There aren’t easy answers to these questions with respect to larger quads (300mm or more) . There are a myriad of options, and dozens of vendors to choose from.
Advice was simple in the pre-internet days of R/C planes and helicopters: just head down to your local hobby shop, and see what lines they carry

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Tensions between drone journalists and the Federal Aviation Administration may be coming to a boil.
The regulator of America’s airways is looking into the use of aerial drones by journalists in Arkansas to survey tornado damage, an FAA spokesperson confirmed to Mashable. The story, as first reported by the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, is the latest move by the FAA as it attempts to regulate unmanned aerial systems, which may or may not fall under its jurisdiction.
Brian Emfinger, a stormchaser and photojournalist for KATV, the ABC affiliate in Little Rock, Arkansas, tweeted out footage that he claimed to have shot from a drone just after a tornado ripped through the town of Mayflower. Read more

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United States Senators have removed a provision in an intelligence bill that would have forced President Obama to publicly reveal information about people killed during drone strikes. The move comes at the request of the director of national intelligence, James Clapper. So much for transparency.Read more.

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