The US defence department is working on how to use old drones to provide wi-fi in remote locations, such as on the battlefield.

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Iran’s previous attempts at creating an indigenous UAV fleet have been rather, well, comical . However, with recent sightings of a this medium-altitude, long-endurance flyer in the skies over Damascus, Iran’s drone program may have finally reached the big time.Read more..

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The Federal Aviation Administration has filed an appeal in the case against “commercial drone” pilot Raphael Pirker, accused of reckless operation of what’s basically an R/C aircraft near the University of Virginia campus in 2011. Um, does this look reckless to you?Read more…

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Robots may be taking our jobs throughout agriculture and industry, but the the duty of defacing architecture is likely to remain in the hands of humans for the immediate future if this semi-autonomous spray-paint drone is any evidence. Read more…

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Long range wireless control of a project is always a challenge. [Mike] and his team were looking to extend the range of their current RC setup for a UAV project, and decided on a pair of Arduino mini’s and somewhat expensive Digi Xtend 900Mhz modems to do the trick. With a range of 40 miles, the 1 watt transceivers provide fantastic range. And paired with the all too familiar Arduino, you’ve got yourself an easy long range link.
[Mike] set the transmitter up so it can plug directly into any RC controller training port, decoding the incoming signal and converting it into a serial data package for transmitting

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