Kanye West Said a Crazy Thing About Drones But Was Also Right

Kanye West is a worrier. Except these days, he’s not upset about Bonnaroo or water bottles, he’s worried about adult stuff, like the safety of his one-year-old daughter North. More specifically, he’s worried about her getting electrocuted by a paparazzi-piloted drone while she’s swimming. As with most things Kanye, it’s an insightful point flecked with just the lightest patina of crazy.Read more

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When Video Games Hit a Political Nerve

Thailand’s military junta seized power by launching a coup, imposing martial law, and muzzling the media—all tactics the regime doesn’t seem to have a problem with, unless they happen in a video game.According to an AP story, the National Council for Peace and Order, the military junta that seized power in Thailand in May, just banned Tropico 5, a computer game that lets users play dictator.The concept of Tropico 5, the fifth installment of a successful city-building simulation franchise, is quite simple. You, under the guise of a El Presidente, have to erect your Latin American-style city, and then run it through the ages, doing whatever it takes to cling on to power. Election-rigging, political assassination and merciless crushing of dissent are just some of the techniques that Tropicos caudillo can resort to in order to go to next level

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Kanye West is worried: “Is your daughter stalked by, like, drones?”

Kanye West.


It’s not every day that Kanye West graces these pages. (Yes, we’ve reported on him before.) But it’s also not everyday that the venerable hip hop star expresses a bona fide concern about drones buzzing above his home.
Specifically, West is worried about paparazzi using drones that could perhaps crash and then injure his young daughter, according to TMZ

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Tourist crashes drone into popular Yellowstone hot spring

A tourist has crashed a camera drone into the Grand Prismatic Spring, one of the world’s largest and a popular attraction at Yellowstone National Park. The incident could potentially damage the spring.
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Somebody Crashed a Drone into Yellowstone's Hot Springs

If you’re going to roundly ignore the ban on drones in America’s national parks, then indeed you deserve to lose your toy in the murky, 160-degree depths of a hot spring. This past weekend, a tourist crashed a drone right into Yellowstone’s iconic Grand Prismatic Spring. Read more..

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