It’s enough to make you not want to look out of the window next time you fly – the FAA has revealed a drone recently came dangerously close to colliding with a US AIrways jet over Florida.The post Drone and US Airways jet almost collide in incident over Florida appeared first on Digital Trends.

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A drone almost collided with a US commercial flight in March, an official with America’s flight regulatory agency has revealed.

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[Eric] has figured out a great way to build quadcopters out of recycled computer motherboards. Multicopters come in all shapes and sizes these days. As we mentioned in the last issue of Droning On, they can be bought or built-in a multitude of materials as well. Drones have been built using materials as varied as wood, PVC pipe, carbon fiber, and aluminum.
One of the more common commercial materials is G10 fiberglass sheet

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A U.S. airliner nearly collided with a drone over Florida this year, a federal official said, a near miss that highlights risks posed by the proliferation of unmanned craft in U.S. skies

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Launched from a Reaper drone, the missile is fired at cars moving at 70mph – and thanks to its advanced tracking systems, scores nine direct hits.

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