Voice of AmericaWhat Does Godane’s Death Mean for Al-Shabab?Voice of AmericaNAIROBI—. After confirmation that U.S

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Foxtrot Alpha ventured to Edwards AFB late last spring to catch up with the RQ-4 Global Hawk test team to see how the program was progressing. While there, we also got a unique first-hand account of what it is like to ‘fly’ an aircraft that essentially flies itself. Read more..

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One of the most compelling things about the 3D printing market right now is quite simply the variety of printers and other related design tech, out there. In turn, that leads to an incredibly diverse range of products now being scanned, modelled, and printed.There are of course some obvious forerunners in the industry; Forbes reported on a study out this week by Appinions that placed software company Autodesk at the top of the most influential companies on 3D printing, followed by Amazon (which recently launched a store specialising in weird 3D-printed items), and then two of the biggest providers of actual 3D printers: Stratasys ad 3D Systems. But as we saw at CES earlier this year, the industry leaders are complemented by a smorgasbord of other companies offering printers and printing services to suit a whole range of needs. The same was true at Londons 3D Printshow this week, where wannabe makers would find themselves spoiled for choice by the sheer number of different machines trundling away at the stalls

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Jimmy Kimmel celebrated the start of football season the best way he knows how: by having NFL players read terrible, insulting comments directed toward them on Twitter
Players like Terrell Owens, DeSean Jackson and Keyshawn Johnson calmly read through 140 characters, which berate everything from their athletic ability to the state of their teeth. Even Fox sportscasters Erin Andrews pops up in the sketch, because Kimmel doesn’t have a “Mean Tweets: Reporters” edition

Unconventional Ways to Open a Wine Bottle, for When You’re Desperate
Best of Joan Rivers Video Captures Her Most Memorable Moments
Terrifying Giant Spider Is ..

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Desperate times call for desperate measures.
Food Beast compiled all the unconventional ways you can open a stubborn bottle of wine. Such skills will come in handy if you misplace your corkscrew — or if you’re throwing a dinner party in the middle of a zombie apocalypse.
Who needs a corkscrew when you have a blowtorch, anyway?
BONUS: 5 Wine Facts to Impress Your Tipsy Friends

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Best of Joan Rivers Video Captures Her Most Memorable Moments
Terrifying Giant Spider Is

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