The Titan team will reportedly work closely with Google’s Project Loon, which will blanket the world with Internet access using weather balloons.The airspace wars are nigh. On Monday, Google reportedly agreed to buy Titan Aerospace, a company that specializes in high-altitude drones, for an unspecified price tag. The Wall Street Journal reports that the Titan team “will work closely with Google’s Project Loon, which is building large, high-altitude balloons that send Internet signals to areas of the world that are not currently online.”Read Full Story

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Turns out, those drone hunting permits that Colorado wisely declined to issue earlier this year man not have done much good anyway. As this video shows, hitting a drone on the wing is really, really hard. Even if you bring fully automatic weapons to the party.Read more.

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The Wall Street Journal has just confirmed that Google will be purchasing Titan Aerospace, the same high-altitude drone startup that Facebook had been in talks with earlier this year . Read more…

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The US defence department is working on how to use old drones to provide wi-fi in remote locations, such as on the battlefield.

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Iran’s previous attempts at creating an indigenous UAV fleet have been rather, well, comical . However, with recent sightings of a this medium-altitude, long-endurance flyer in the skies over Damascus, Iran’s drone program may have finally reached the big time.Read more..

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