Crowdfunding may not be the usual method for raising cash to help equip a national army with fighting apparatus and drones, but a Ukraine IT executive intent on supporting his country’s troops has found the platform to be just the ticket.
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Los Angeles residents were pretty stoked when the Kings beat the Rangers to win the 2014 Stanley Cup. Heck, even the mayor went on TV to raise a pint and swear in celebration. […]

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The U.S. government uses them to bomb alleged terrorists in far-away places. Tech companies like Amazon, Google and Facebook are all toying with the idea of using them, and now they’re a photographer’s secret weapon. Drones are a big part of our lives, whether we see them or not

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The fight over rules for unmanned aircraft pits the U.S. drone industry’s two different cultures against each other: high-tech entrepreneurs versus defense giants like Boeing and Northrop Grumman.

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Image: Simon Bisson/FlickrA small, remote-controlled quadcopter lifts from the deck of a skiff. As it rises into the air, a gray whale breaches on the horizon. Slowly, the drone cruises towards the whale, now revealed to be a mother and calf. It climbs higher, offering a breathtaking view of a moment few will ever witness. The whales, undisturbed, continue their long migration up the California coast

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