Drones are a hot topic these days — but not everyone is a big fan of the idea of having flying robots meander through America’s skies
Take Matt Rosendale, a GOP House candidate from Montana, who expresses his disdain for flying robots by shooting one with a rifle in his latest campaign ad (embedded below) — making it probably the first-ever anti-drone political ad
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“This is what I look like from a government drone,” Rosendale, who is currently a state senator in Montana, says at the beginning of the video. “And this is what I think about it,” he adds as he loads a rifle and shoots it. Read more

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Private space firm SpaceX has been posting some amazing videos in recent months of its Grasshopper test flights. Well, Grasshopper has ended, and now we’re stepping up to the big leagues. SpaceX is […]

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Fans of The Wire will remember how the fictional Omar Little made a livelihood off robbing drug dealers. Now imagine how much easier his job would have been if he had his own eye in the sky. While police departments in the US are now starting to adopt drone technology for surveillance, some criminals in England have been turning the technology to their advantage to target victims—specifically, marijuana growers.
According to a report in The Independent, criminals have taken a page out of the playbook of law enforcement and the military, using drones to carry an infrared camera aloft to search for the heat given off by the grow lights used by large-scale pot growers. Once spotted, the criminals move in to steal marijuana or extort the growers for a cut, according to one man who claimed to be involved in such a scheme

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Archaeologists used a drone to peer through the dry New Mexican desert to find this hidden treasure. KRQE has more.

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Well, hmph. That’s not how drones work guys. Supposedly, this video shows Portugal attempting to launch a naval drone by giving it a running start. As the drone is thrown in the air to fly, it immediately nosedives and crashes into the ocean. What a wonderful failure

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