Google reveals it has built and tested its own drones as part of a plan to make automated deliveries to remote homes as well as disaster-hit zones.

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The Australian Financial ReviewGoogle drones take flight in QueenslandThe AustralianGoogle is getting ready to go toe-to-toe against in the drone wars, with Australia serving as the testing ground for the internet giant’s “Project Wing” program. Google has confirmed that its elite Google X research team has been busy developing a 

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The Atlantic reports that Google’s skunkworks Google X team has spent the last two years working on a secret program. More than a loosely sketched concept like the teaser Amazon pushed out earlier this year, Google appears to be serious about delivery in the air—getting products from the warehouse to their destination in about two minutes.Read more..

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Google / The Atlantic

On Thursday, Google unveiled its latest project: a product delivery service powered entirely by drone aircraft. Coming from the same Google X teams that developed the likes of self-driving cars and Google Glass, the drone program, currently dubbed Project Wing, received a feature-length reveal in The Atlantic.
The article’s video showed a prototype drone dropping a package at an apparent height of dozens of feet, which was guided to the ground by a combination of a wire and an attached “egg” that slowed the drop to a near-halt just before reaching the ground and releasing a box. MIT roboticist Nick Roy received the lion’s share of credit for putting the machine together during his two-year stint with Google X; he came to the project with experience in helping Navy drones navigate through zones that lacked GPS signals.
In particular, Roy pushed for Google to employ a hybrid design, combining fixed-wing and helicopter elements, so that it could take off vertically in tail-sitter configuration

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Google revealed that it has been developing a drone delivery system in the Australian outback, codenamed Project Wing.
Nicholas Roy, founder of Project Wing, said the tech giant has been secretly working on the project for two years at Google X, a division of Google dedicated to major technological advancements. It “resulted in a reliable system that can do autonomous delivery.”
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In a video released on YouTube Thursday, Google said it is “developing a delivery system that uses self-flying vehicles.” The company said it has had successful tests delivering a first-aid kit, candy bars, dog treats and water to some farmers

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