Troops Take Action On Militants In SomaliaNew York TimesAmerican military forces launched an operation in Somalia on Monday against the Qaeda-linked militant network the Shabab, defense officials said

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NASA is not down with drones flying around town all willy-nilly and potentially electrocuting North West. The space agency is developing an air traffic control network near Moffat Field, California for unmanned aircrafts at 400 to 500 feet meant to put regulations in place. Read more..

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It’s been nearly a year since the Cupertino City Council approved Apple’s plans to build a massive new campus not too far from the company’s current headquarters. Since that time, we’ve heard nary a whisper about the project’s progress thanks largely in part to Apple’s efforts to keep curious eyes…

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With the recent demonstration of a drone-based delivery system by Google, the tech industry’s enthusiasm for the devices seems undimmed — but some issues will be difficult to solve.

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Long distance FPV (First Person View) flying can be a handful. Keeping a video feed alive generally requires a high gain directional antenna. Going directional creates the chore of keeping the antenna pointed at the aircraft. [Brandon’s] smart antenna tracker is designed to do all that automatically. What witchcraft is this, you ask? The answer is actually quite simple: Telemetry! Many flight control systems have an optional telemetry transmitter

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