Remy Castro (left) was one of two men arrested in a drone incident involving an NYPD helicopter on Monday.

New York Daily News

Two men were arrested early Monday morning for flying a small drone too close to a New York Police Department (NYPD) helicopter.
Detective Mark Nell, an NYPD spokesman, told Ars that a police helicopter was on routine patrol near the George Washington Bridge in the northwestern part of Manhattan when the pilot spotted the drone orbiting above the bridge.
“During that time, the drone ascended approximately 2,000 feet into the air and came close to the aviation unit, causing it to veer off of its flight pattern,” Nell said, noting that the officers radioed down to ground units. “There were two individuals that were arrested after the drone landed

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Your friendly local librarian hasn’t been replaced by technology just yet, but that doesn’t mean the library itself hasn’t benefitted from a few modern upgrades. Wrangling special-order books and DVDs between the New York Public Libary’s 150 branches is a daunting task, but it’s actually made surprisingly efficient with the laser scanning machines at its Queen’s sorting facility.Read more..

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The latest drone craze seems to be using them to video fireworks displays, though with the Federal Aviation Administration now taking an interest, it’s possible the rules could soon be tightened regarding such shoots.
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Image: DARPAYou’re looking at the official rendering of DARPA’s ‘Squad X’, the agency’s latest combat research initiative. So it’s not a screenshot from Call of Duty; but isn’t there an installment of the interminable war game franchise that’s set in the near future, with drones and robot soldiers and high tech-styled health and ammo bars? Because that, apparently, is exactly what the US military imagines soldier-to-soldier warfare will look like in coming years. In the full-screen version, you can see a drone hovering above the fray.Obviously, there’s been a tremendous overlap between military culture and video games, both in form and function, for many, many years. From pilots flying drones with Xbox controllers to military adventures providing the basis for billion dollar-grossing first-person shooters, both enterprises are increasingly feeding off of each other; a tangled, weaponized ouroboros

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The oil train explosion at Lac-Megantic. Image: WikimediaBetween Canada’s tar sands and the US fracking boom, North America is pumping out a record amount of oil. All that oil needs to be transported, often across thousands of miles, from wellhead to refinery to port, in order to make it to market. Since our pipelines are overflowing, oil companies are turning to trains, and a lot of those trains are exploding. A truly exponential increase in train traffic has lead to a spike in accidents and collisions

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