China’s getting into the UAV game in a big way. Well, really, the only way it knows how: by closely mimicking the existing technology of a foreign power and slapping a new name on it. Say hello to the MQ-1 Preda—I mean, Cai Hong-4 “Rainbow”. Read more.

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Nato is investing in its intelligence gathering, spending more than £1bn ($1.7bn) on new unmanned spy planes or drones.

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1. Generation D Minus
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The Second Age of Reason

Are You Smarter Than a Teenager?Maroon 5 Falls Off the Bandwagon+ This is not definitive, but it’s certainly suggestive of an answer to that question

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No one said the road to The Hackaday Prize would be easy. Many of us have been following [Peter McCloud] as he vies for the Hackaday Prize with Goliath – A Gas Powered Quadcopter. [Peter] literally hit a snag on Monday: his own belts.
Peter had hoped to be performing tied down hover tests by Monday afternoon. Weather and a set of fouled spark plugs conspired against him though

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Meet Ram. It rams things it doesn’t like. Meet Drone. It buzzes around and films things it sometimes shouldn’t. Ram meet drone

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