Every two years, Outback Joe gets lost in the Australian bush and drones have to find him.Outback Joe was lost. He had collapsed in the rich, red dirt of barren peanut fields, his neon parka glinting in the Australian sun. In hours, he’d be considered dead of thirst.Read Full Story

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A US drone strike kills at least eight people in Pakistan’s tribal region of North Waziristan, officials say, the fourth such attack in a fortnight.

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HaaretzMiddle East Updates / US-led coalition reportedly strikes Islamic State positions ..

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Hey! You there! You’ve got it pretty good, you know that? While you’re sitting there using your Internet-enabled device to read about some other Internet-enabled device, it’s easy to forget that the majority of people doesn’t have any access to the Internet at all. The “World Wide” Web is actually not that worldwide—only about one-third of the population is online. That’s 4.8 billion people out there with no way to get to the Internet.
Bridging this digital divide will be one of the tech industry’s biggest challenges—and growth opportunities—over the coming years

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A group of multicopter enthusiasts from Argonay, France cordoned off a path through the forest and spent the day racing. The resulting video makes it look like a heck of a good time.
Twenty “drone” pilots all used first-person view (FPV) camera setups for complete immersion, racing at up to 50 kilometers per hour through a 150m course in the woods that was chosen for maximum thrills and spills. The track basically followed a footpath, but the pilots still had to be extremely alert to avoid natural obstacles (we call them “trees”). The narrator adds that the nearly random lighting and camera artifacts added an extra level of difficulty to the event

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