Farmer Derek Klingenberg loves to show off his herd of cows, whether he’s serenading them with trombone or showering them with delicious popcorn afterwards.
This time, Klingenberg managed to gently herd his cows into a smiley face formation, and captured it on video via a drone flying overhead. Happy cows, indeed.

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The man, who was at an apartment near the White House when he lost control of the drone, went to bed before reporting the episode, according to law enforcement officials.

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Chinese drone-maker DJI is to prevent its kit from flying over much of the US capital, following the crash of one of its aircraft into the White House lawn.

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Following revelations that a civilian-operated drone crashed on the White House lawn , the manufacturer of the drone, DJI, will take steps to prevent its drones from flying over Washington DC. That’s the first time that the Chinese company has blocked such a huge area.Read more..

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Engineers at Surrey-based QuadH2O made the waterproof drone carrying a GoPro camera, which can be controlled so that a pilot can shoot films of life underwater.

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