NYC Maker Faire may be a no fly zone this year, but that didn’t dampen the spirits of the Flite Test Crew. We met with Flite Test outside their tent in the R/C and drone area of Maker Faire. [Josh Bixler and Alex Zvada] are two of the hosts of the popular YouTube channel. [Josh] is also well-known for his R/C plane designs, such as the Bloody Wonder and Simple Storch. In addition to hosting, [Alex] is the graphic designer Flite Test

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How do you stop drones from taking photos of your closed-off film set? If you’re the producers of Star Wars, you apply for a DroneShield that can give you advance warning of incoming aircraft.
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MGoBlueCoad Named Assistant Strength & Conditioning CoachMGoBlueANN ARBOR, Mich. — The University of Michigan football program has hired Sam Coad to serve as assistant strength and conditioning coach, it was announced Friday (Sept. 19)

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This weeks Hacklet is all about being there when you can’t through the magic of telepresence. More than just teleconferencing, telepresence takes things a step further to put the user in a remote space. That might be a robot platform, VR goggles, or a actuators to interact with the remote environment. It’s also a field filled with opportunities for creative hackers!
We start with [PJK’s] Subterranean investigation device. [PJK] is exploring a castle for a hidden basement

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Over the last couple of weeks, people have been flying drones over Pinewood Studios, where Star Wars Episode VII is being filmed. That made waves last week, but, perhaps most interestingly, the studio ordered a “DroneShield” back in June anticipating the drone problem.The captured footage shows what looks to be a half-finished Millennium Falcon and two X-Wing fighters parked out near Britain’s Greenham Common. Footage like this was bound to pop up at some point, mostly because you can’t keep damn near anything secret these days, especially not a brand new Star Wars movie.Pinewood appeared to know that, too

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