Ever heard of the Panopticon? It’s a type of prison design that enables a single watchman to see everyone. Now, Ohio is experimenting with an interesting twist on that idea by putting the watchman in the sky with an infrared camera.Read more..

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The US Navy’s armed boat drones are here, and, perhaps unsurprisingly, the rules for using them are about as poorly defined as the ones governing how the military uses Predator drones for targeted killings in the Middle East.An Office of Naval Research video demonstrating the swarming capability of these vessels shows five small boats that are outfitted with sensors and a software package called CARACaS that allows the boats to share information and autonomously converge on a target. The boats can be armed with .50 calibre machine guns and will fire on enemy boats if the human supervisor in the control loop approves the action. According to the ONR, the technology will be ready for field testing in a year

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An employee of defense contractor Northrop Grumman has accused the company of faking tests on its LN-100 Inertial Navigation System/Global Positioning System (INS/GPS). The GPS unit is installed on “various aircraft, including helicopters and unmanned drones (including the Predator drone), missiles, submarines, and other vehicles,” the lawsuit said. The LN-100 provides essential positioning data to the sensitive systems.
The case was filed in September 2012 [PDF] by a plant manager named Todd Donaldson, but it was kept under seal from the company and from the public over the following two years. A Utah District Judge ordered the complaint unsealed last Friday

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As the drone industry takes off, many people in it say it needs a different name. But fans of unmanned aircraft have another problem: Few agree on what the devices should be called.

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It appears work on the foundations has been finished – meaning Steve Jobs futuristic vision for Apple’s Cupertino HQ can begin to rise from the ground.

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