The next time your dog needs to go for a walk, forget doing it yourself or hiring a dog-walker — just get a drone to do it.
One New York City-based videographer used a drone to walk his golden retriever, and the video of the whole thing is complete with a chill music background and playful shots of the pup. The dog seems unfazed by his robot master and generally happy to be outside.
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Jeff Myers, the owner of the dog and the drone, used an AR done to walk the dog, according to PSFK. The drone appears to both monitor where the dog is walking, as well as checking in on the dog to make sure it’s okay

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For the ITP spring tech conference, a group of NYU students have created a “dronie booth.” Photos taken this way–a programmed UAV flies up, takes a picture, and flies away–are on the rise.A group of New York University students are trying to perfect the art of taking selfies with drones–“dronies,” if you will. As part of an NYU tech think tank ITP’s spring show, attendees get to take drone selfies. The DroneBooth project uses custom-programmed AR drones, similar to ones sold commercially on Amazon, to fly up to attendees, take their pictures, and then fly away

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Gene Robinson, Texas EquuSearch’s pilot. Image: Texas EquuSearchWhen is a government order not an order? When it comes from the Federal Aviation Administration, apparently. In the latest in several ongoing legal sagas, the agency has contradicted itself once again when it comes to the legality of commercial and hobbyist drones. The agency refused a request from Texas EquuSearch, a nonprofit search-and-rescue group, to stay an order demanding that the group not use drones, based entirely on the idea that its first cease-and-desist order was not an “order.”But, as appears to increasingly be the case, the agency’s latest actions have far-reaching ramifications

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Boston GlobeSenate Backs Judge Pick Who Wrote Drone MemosABC NewsA former Justice Department official who helped craft the Obama administration’s legal rationale for using drones to kill suspected American terrorists abroad won preliminary Senate approval Wednesday to become a federal appeals court judge. The largely .

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Someone lost their pet in Palo Alto. — Liz Gannes (@lizgannes) May 21, 2014 Read more.

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