The decision by the Federal Aviation Administration has implications for industries like agriculture, energy and online retailing.

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A small pilotless aircraft owned by DHL is set to take off to ferry medicine to a sparsely populated German island, following in the footsteps of similar plans by Amazon and Google.

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Yuneec Technology had this sleek-looking drone, called Flying Eyes, at the National Broadcasters Association conference in Spring 2014. It comes fully assembled for those who just need aerial images, not a weekend project.

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On Thursday, the Federal Aviation Administration granted six aerial photo and video companies exemptions from rules that make it difficult to use drones for commercial purposes in the United States. US Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx determined that drones used by these companies would not threaten other aircraft or pose a national security threat.
Law enforcement agencies, fire departments, and the military have thus far been the primary drone operators in the US

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LOS ANGELES — Hollywood, you are now free to move about U.S. airspace — with your drones.
Six entertainment production companies have been granted regulatory exemptions to use drones in domestic airspace, the first step to allowing the film and TV industry widespread use of unmanned aircraft systems for filming purposes, U.S

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SEATTLE (Reuters) – Agriculture, mining and numerous other industries are likely to be cleared to fly drones now that U.S. regulators have allowed remote-piloted planes to shoot television and movie scenes, according to the key lawyer in the regulatory action.

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