The New York Police Department cracked down on Times Square characters this weekend, arresting Naked Cowboy, Captain America, Spider-Man and Jessie the Cowgirl from Toy Story.
The crackdown followed the Saturday arrest of Junior Bishop, who was dressed as Spider-Man at the time. The practice of dressing up as a kid-friendly character, and taking photos with tourists in exchange for tips, is common in New York’s busy Times Square area. Panhandling is legal in New York, but city officials see misbehaving costumed characters as a threat to the tourism industry and to public safety.
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Last week, a man pushed a drone out his Seattle hotel window and conducted a fly-by of the nearby Space Needle. Police got a report that the drone had hit the Needle, and confiscated the video he had shot as evidence. But there was no collision, just this dramatic sunset footage, with tiny tourists waving from the observation deck.Read more.

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Amazon made news a few months ago when it announced plans to eventually deliver packages with a fleet of drone aircraft. It sounds neat, and is undeniably futuristic, but many of today’s drone […]

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Image: ShutterstockA Federal Aviation Administration ban on commercial drones would kill dozens of drone programs at universities across the country, a group of professors told the agency late last week. In a letter addressed to the FAA (embedded below), professors who study the use of drones at Smith College, Harvard, MIT, the University of Michigan, Duke, Stanford, and 10 other universities said that any ambiguity from the FAA about who can use drones and for what purposes is probably going to cause universities to shut down their drone programs, because they’re worried the FAA would crack down on them.The group wrote the letter because the FAA is trying to reinterpret a law Congress passed in 2012—one that required the FAA to write regulations allowing the use of drones—to make certain hobbyist and commercial uses of them illegal. “This novel interpretation could have serious and severely detrimental impacts on education and research in the United States,” the professors wrote.One of the main reasons for that is that the FAA hasn’t really defined what a “model aircraft” is

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Two weeks ago, Israel boasted of shooting down an Hamas drone. Now, it’s Hamas’ turn to try to score some propaganda points by showing off what looks like a downed Israeli drone.
The Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades, Hamas’ militant wing, released a new video on Monday in which a masked militant holds what appears to be a damaged Israeli reconnaissance drone they claim was shot down in Gaza, according to Storyful
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It was not possible to verify whether this was an Israeli drone or whether indeed it had been shut down by Hamas militants
The Israel Defense Forces told Mashable that they have no reports of any of their surveillance drones being shot down or crashing in Gaza Read more..

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