And now for a truly surreal story featuring international soccer, geopolitical beef, tussling players, riot police and — of course — a flag-waving drone.
To set the stage: Serbia and Albania played a qualifying match for the Euro 2016 soccer tournament on Tuesday night in Belgrade, Serbia. It was Albania’s first match in Belgrade since 1967. The two countries have long had major, and sometimes violent, tension. No visiting fans were allowed in the stadium
The evening did not end well

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A European championship football match between Serbia and Albania is abandoned after a drone carrying a political message sparks clashes.

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The $200 Anura was created by a New York photographer, and its four rotors fold up into its own body when not in use.

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Reddit, faced with an unappealing advertising system and the Silicon Valley-specific problem of being hella popular but still losing money, made its pitch to to let content creators post their own content directly to specific subreddits.The problem with its latest pitch, however, is that it’s still not appealing to anyone, really. A post made last week by Reddit advertising administrator Kristine Smith, known on the site as KrispyKrackers, said that the site wants to make “a platform that can make reddit work for content creators,” meaning it wants to let brands, news outlets, and presumably small business owners to post their own content—for a fee.People have been doing this forever, on their own, for free, and often sketchily. But it’s strictly against reddit’s rules to submit links that only come from your own website

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The US Air Force’s mini robotic space plane, called the X-37B, is reportedly coming home today after spending 22 months orbiting Earth. The question today, as it was when it launched is, what the heck was it doing up there?If you haven’t heard of it, the X-37B looks exactly like NASA’s retired space shuttles, except it’s about one third the size, and it’s unmanned. Its mission is completely classified, which has led to plenty of conspiracy theories and speculation about the plane’s possible use as a space weapon or something of that sort.The only information the Air Force has ever volunteered about the Boeing-made vehicle’s mission is that it’s testing “reusable spacecraft technologies for America’s future in space and operating experiments which can be returned to, and examined, on Earth.”So, umm, we’re not learning all that much there

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