Parrot’s latest drone the Bebop has an, at best, misleading name. There’s nothing boppy about this pro-level drone masquerading in a kid-friendly name (and colors).
Unveiled on Tuesday in New York City, the Bebop drone is smaller, lighter and infinitely more powerful than Parrot’s AR.Drone 2.0 It does have at least one thing in common with the previous drone

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The FAA appealed to the National Transportation Safety Board to get the power to crack down on unmanned aircraft.A decision handed down by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) today may have many drone aficionados poised to fly off the handle.Read Full Story

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Earlier this year, we got a peek at Parrot’s svelte new Bebop drone. And earlier today, I got to fly it. I crashed it immediately—you probably will too—but that’s totally fine. It’ll survive, and flying it is still a blast.Read more

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A Chicago firm says hospitals, offices and schools have already signed up for the app – although it is still awaiting FAA approval.

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The masked face of what appears to be a Ukrainian soldier stares directly into the camera. He shouts a few directions at a comrade behind him then throws a drone into the sky. The roaring propellers then take you on unprecedented aerial journey.What follows is a surreal perspective into what the modern battlefields of Ukraine actually look like, from a drone’s eye view.Bombed-out fields dotted with what appear to be fox holes and artillery explosions litter the grim landscape

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