SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – Intel Corp on Monday awarded $500,000 to a group of do-it-yourselfers who developed a wristband that converts to a camera-equipped drone to win a contest the chipmaker hopes will help guarantee it a leading position in the emerging market for wearable computing devices.

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ReutersUkraine crisis deepens after rebel vote in eastReuters1 of 8. Members of a local electoral commission carry a ballot box at a polling station after voting day in Donetsk, November 2, 2014. Credit: Reuters/Maxim Zmeyev

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Unlicensed drones spying on China better watch out because the People’s Republic reportedly has a super terrifying laser weapon designed to blast small aircraft out of the sky.Read more…

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The Nixie wearable drone was created by researchers at Stanford University, and today won Intel’s annual Make It Wearable competition.

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Election Tuesday is almost here. But before everyone heads to the polls, let’s take a walk down memory lane with some of the most WTF campaign ads that politicians in the United States came up with this election season
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What better way to motivate the American voters than by smiling at the camera while referring to sexual predators, slavery, murder, castration, “electile” dysfunction, crime scenes, drone attacks, international gangsters, and guns — a whole lot of guns
Some of these ads are just plain uncomfortable, with a few taking racist jabs at President Obama. But even more ridiculous than the on-screen shenanigans is that would-be politicians are actually trying to get votes by likening sex and violence to serious issues, such as school tuition increases and term limits Read more..

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