SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – Inc plans to shift more of its drone testing outside U.S. borders unless it gets quick permission from U.S

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For those who don’t relish the thought of being forced to make out with a table mate over a plate of garlic parmesan buffalo wings, TGI Friday’s “mistletoe drone” promotion was conceptually flawed from the get-go.
How could we have known, though, that the real reason why mistletoe drones shouldn’t exist is because they will literally cut the tip of your nose off.
Brooklyn Daily photographer Georgine Benvenuto’s face was on the receiving end of a grinch-like “Mobile Mistletoe” drone when its spinning blades “literally chipped off a tip of my nose,” she told the publication, apparently while triaging her bleeding nose. “It took off part of my nose and cut me here, right under my chin.”
According to Brooklyn Daily:
Drone operator David Quiones said an accident like this had never happened before, and even blamed our reporter for the bloodshed

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Italian twinkle lights? Check. Trans-Siberian Orchestra? Check. Drone? Check.In a move sure to make the guys in OK Go rage-shart, residents in what appears to be a subdivision in the American Southwest (palm trees, mountains, no snow) synced up a neighborhood-spanning light show to TSO ripper “Wizards of Winter” and filmed the whole thing with a drone.It’s as if an entire subdivision of Clark W

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Today in shocking developments: A questionably entertaining and obviously misguided publicity stunt went wrong after a mistletoe-carrying drone crashed into the face of a photojournalist at a TGI Fridays this weekend.TGI Fridays has tried a couple things to bring customers in the door latelyfirst offering endless appetizers, and more recently offering Mobile Mistletoe, in which a drone flies a sprig of mistletoe around its restaurants to perhaps show how the dining experience and general TGI Fridays ambiance can be improved with buzzing quadcopters.Anyways, the predictably dangerous stunt ended in a predictably dangerous manner after a very small quadcopter ran into a Brooklyn Daily reporters face, drawing some blood (but causing no serious injuries ..

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Amazon, which recently began testing delivery drones in the U.K., is warning U.S. officials that it plans to move more of its drone research abroad if it doesn’t soon get permission to test-fly in the U

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