Sales of drones have increased rapidly in the UK and they are expected to be popular as Christmas presents, but what are the rules for using them?

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You may be shocked to hear that EFF doesn’t think technology is a solution to every problem. That includes problems with the police and with public safety. And, as we’ve pointed out when it comes to drones and other types of local surveillance, we think adoption of new technology requires communities to understand and discuss the pros and cons.Read more.

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Delivery by drone might not be in Amazon’s future if the FAA has anything to say about it. In the meantime, the e-commerce giant is turning to a much more accepted form of transportation – the trusty bicycle.

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As consumer drones take off, the industry is struggling to overcome a problem known as “flyaways,” when devices go rogue and fly off from their users.

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Amazon is practicing one-hour deliveries with bike messengers in New York and pressing regulators to let it test package drop-offs with drones.

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