A graduate student in the Netherlands is developing a way to significantly cut emergency response times with drones

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Planes on the ground, as seen from the air.Moving through an airport on foot is usually just about the most soul-sucking experience possible. But there’s something mystical and mesmerizingly geometrical about getting to see the infrastructure of air traffic from above (as we’ve noted before).Read Full Story

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The world of drones and FPV remote-controlled aircraft is rapidly expanding, airframes are getting bigger, and the demand for even cooler AV gear is higher than ever. [elad] got his hands on a Sony block camera that is able to zoom in on a scene – great if you want to get close to the action while still flying a safe distance away. Controlling the zoom on these cameras is usually done through RS232, but [elad] made it work with an RC transmitter.
The camera [elad] is using is a Sony FCB-EX11D block camera with a standard SD resolution sensor. This camera has 10x optical zoom, making it a great solution to aerial surveillance, the only problem being the RS232 connection and the VISCA protocol

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Nixie the wearable camera drone has taken the top prize in Intel’s first ‘Make it Wearable’ tech contest, an international initiative designed to encourage innovators to come up with awesome wearables and in turn help the chipmaker succeed in the market. The post Nixie wearable camera drone takes top prize in Intel tech contest appeared first on Digital Trends.

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Made with the permission and in constant communication with the control tower and the airliners’ pilots—Postandfly’s Tarsicio Sañudo used drones to show the day to day operations of the Aeropuerto Internacional de la Ciudad de México from a new cool perspective.Read more…

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