Larry Page Seems to Have Another Side Company Called 'Tiramisu.' What Is it?

Misfiled documents in a high-profile Silicon Valley court case suggest that Google co-founder Larry Page has created a spin-out company called “Tiramisu.” A motion filed last month by Uber to force Google’s self-driving car spinoff company Waymo to provide witnesses on a range of topics reveals the existence of Tiramisu. The company is listed as relevant to an ongoing Uber-Google self-driving car spat because it alleges that Anthony Levandowski, the engineer accused of stealing lidar and other technical secrets from his workplace at Google’s self-driving car project and taking them to Uber, may have been working for the company in his free time. “Uber seeks discovery regarding details about Mr Levandowski’s involvement in Kitty Hawk, Zee.Aero, and Tiramisu and how Waymo (and the related entities Alphabet and Google) viewed Mr

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