I've Spent 2.5 Years Trying to Get the NYPD to Talk About Its Drone Program

It’s been two and a half years since I filed my first request to the NYPD for documents on drones. During that time, two mayors and two police commissioners have made public statements on drones in law enforcement. But the police department continues to fight to keep secret every shred of paper that it has on the subject.
Seven months after I filed a lawsuit against the NYPD, the court at last has recognized that the police have never given solid reasons for keeping drone records from the public.
Here’s a timeline of my legal hide-and-seek with the NYPD over drone documents, interspersed with what’s already public regarding the department’s drone dalliances:

Earlier this month, the judge in MuckRock’s case ordered the New York City Corporation Counsel to explain in greater detail just how publishing drone documents might “enable miscreants,” risk the safety of New Yorkers, or unleash the other vague wolves that NYPD officials have cried about

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