Birds can cause problems issues for airplanes. To help, engineers at Caltech have developed an algorithm that allows a single drone to herd a whole flock of birds away from an airport’s airspace.
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Footage from the scene seems to corroborate claims that two drones were used in an attack very near the scene of a presidential speech.
Video footage appears to support claims that two drones armed with explosives were used in a drone attack on a parade where Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro was speaking in Caracas Saturday, says analyst Nick Waters in a blogpost for Bellingcat.Read Full Story

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Want to play a game? Your challenge is to do something incredible with a printed circuit board that measures no more than one inch by one inch. It’s The Return of the One Square Inch Project and it’s going to be amazing!
We can’t believe that it’s been three years! The original One Square Inch Project was a contest dreamt up by user [alpha_ninja] back in 2015, and we thought it was such a great idea that we ponied up some prizes. The entries were, frankly, the best we’ve ever seen. So we’re doing it again!
Last time around, the size constraint focused the minds and brought out the creativity in some of the best and brightest of Hackaday

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A failed attack by explosives-laden drones on Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro could be a harbinger of a new era. Cheap, easy-to-use, remotely-piloted aerial vehicles aren’t just toys, anymore. They’re potential tools of assassination. But don’t panic. This is not the first time assassins have adapted a new technology for nefarious ends

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Drones are coming. Here are three principles for incorporating drones into public life ethically.
Even the word “drone” is a tough sell. A continuous humming noise. Monotonous speech

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