In 1899, you might have been forgiven for thinking the automobile was only a rich-man’s toy. A horseless carriage was for flat garden pathways. The auto was far less reliable than a horse. This was new technology, and rich people are always into their gadgets, but the automobile is a technology that isn’t going to go anywhere. The roads are too terrible, they don’t have the range of a horse, and the world just isn’t set up for mechanized machines rolling everywhere.
This changed. It changed very quickly. By 1920, cars had taken over. Industrialized cities were no longer in the shadow

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The FAA previously allowed drone owners to place the device’s registration number inside the craft’s battery compartment. Read more…More about Mashable Video, Law Enforcement, Drone Development, Federal Aviation Administration, and Drone Laws

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Registered drone owners will need to put their machine’s ID number on the outside of the aircraft from February 23 in accordance with a new FAA rule. It means the ID can no longer be placed inside the drone’s battery compartment.
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Your drone will need a dog tag: The U.S. government is now requiring all civilian drones to add external IDs due to safety concerns. On Tuesday, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) posted the […] The post FAA Will Now Require You to Display an ID Number on Your Drone appeared first on

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Researchers from UC Berkeley have built a tiny insect-scale flying robot. Boasting no moving parts whatsoever, its atmospheric ion thrusters also allow it to move completely silently.
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