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This cute cargo e-bike is the latest experiment from delivery companies to utilize the air, the sidewalk, and the bike lane—anything but the street itself—to get packages to you faster.

In the rush to get packages to your doorstep faster, delivery companies are experimenting with far-out technologies like drones and robots that can circumvent traffic—and that, most importantly, don’t need a conventional place to park while they deliver. But companies like UPS and the U.K.-based company DPD are considering a low-tech option, too: bikes

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A drone shot of sharks circling a beached whale takes out top prize in the nature photo competition.

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We spend a lot of time here at Hackaday talking about drone incidents and today we’re looking into the hazard of operating in areas where people are present. Accidents happen, and a whether it’s a catastrophic failure or just a dead battery pack, the chance of a multi-rotor aircraft crashing down onto people below is a real and persistent hazard. For amateur fliers, operating over crowds of people is simply banned, but there are cases where professionally-piloted dones are flying near crowds of people and other safety measures need to be considered.
We saw a skier narrowly missed by a falling

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TL;DR: The glorious Bose QuietComfort 35 II wireless headphones are on sale for $299.99 at Amazon, saving you $50.

Transitioning from summer to fall, in a physical interpretation, is every movie where the mom has to pull the kid out of bed by their ankles to get ready for school.
Even if “back to school” doesn’t apply to you, waving “goodbye” to Summer Fridays and spontaneous weekend beach trips is nothing short of heartbreaking.
Don’t go into fall in a slump

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