Most quadcopters won’t fly unless all four rotors are functioning. But what happens if one gets damaged during flight? Researchers from the Netherlands think they’ve come up with a solution.
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There has been much concern expressed over what is being termed “malicious drone use” lately. Earlier this month Congress passed a bill allowing the government to shoot down any drone it deems a “credible threat.” Likewise, AT&T has been working with a drone detection startup called Dedrone to detect and..

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The Ukranian drone has been tested carrying a grenade launcher, and is designed to inflict ‘sudden, precise strikes’

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The St. Lawrence beluga whales appear to have adopted a stray narwhal, who was spotted swimming with a group of at least 10 other whales in drone footage captured in August.

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Experiments so far show the drone’s ability to produce simple line drawings such as a bear and an Alpine mountain as well as colouring in whole sections of a wall.

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