Adam Woodworth loves to build flying machines. His latest effort is a “Lego” helicopter created mainly from polystyrene foam, and which comes with a tiny drone attached to help get it airborne.
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If you pay attention to airplane news — or you watched the film Sully — you know planes have problems with birds. Sully was about US Airways flight 1549 which struck a flock of geese and ditched in the Hudson river.  Engineers at Caltech say that was the inspiration for them to develop a control algorithm that enables a single drone scarecrow to herd flocks of birds away from airports.
Airports have tried a lot of things to discourage birds ranging from trained falcons to manually-piloted drones. Apparently, herding birds is harder than you would think

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Youcan Robot’s BW-Space hails itself as the world’s first underwater photography drone that can recognize images and intelligently follow a target, while broadcasting live 4K video.
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Airbus’ pioneering solar-powered drone has managed to set a world record in its maiden voyage, staying in the air for an astonishing 25 days, 23 hours and seven minutes.

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Burlington is home to the nation's first permanent drone racing obstacle course, according to local news affiliate, WCAX. (Aug. 8)


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