Report: Amazon to Test Drone Delivery in India As Early As October

With the federal government making it extremely difficult for any drone delivery services to get off the ground (with its approval, anyway), Amazon is apparently looking into launching its drone delivery service in India, according to local media there.Given the Federal Aviation Administration’s stance on delivery drones (and the helpful chart you’ll see below), starting the program in India first makes a bit of sense, but let’s be clear—this is one report from local media that uses unnamed sources. Take it with a bucket of salt for the moment. Still, The Economic Times reports that Amazon is planning to launch drone delivery in Mumbai and Bangalore as early as October. The drones will be able to carry roughly five pounds and will deliver products within three hours (at times as quickly as an hour and a half), according to the report

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Vancouver man creeped out by drone buzzing near his 36th-story condo

Don McCullough

This week, a Vancouver man called the police about a drone flying near his 36th-story window, marking the latest incident in a string of such reports in recent months, police say.
On Sunday evening, Conner Galway tweeted:

There was just a neon drone, only a couple of feet away from my patio, camera pointed right at me. The future is creepy.
—Conner Galway (@Conner_G) August 18, 2014

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Robot apocalypse: unmanned drone flies autonomous recon droid to the battlefield

Bad news, automatonophobes. Not only does the military have drones in the air and on the ground, but they’ll soon have autonomous teams working together. Lockheed Martin refers to what they’re doing as […]

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In Pictures, Pakistani Protesters March on Parliament

Thousands of protestors marched on Pakistan’s parliament on Tuesday in a bid to oust Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif
Cricketer-turned-politician Imran Khan and Canadian cleric Tahir ul-Qadri led twin protest movements into the heart of Islamabad’s “Red Zone,” which includes the parliament, Sharif’s home and office, and Western embassies, Reuters reported. The unrest is yet another problem for Pakistan’s new civilian government, which is already burdened with a Taliban insurgency and high unemployment rates, according to Al Jazeera.
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Google Brings Android 360-Degree Photo App to iPhone

Google tries to make sure its most popular Android apps are also available to iPhone users, but not everything makes the cut
Now Google’s Photo Sphere app, designed to help you capture three-dimensional views of your world, has finally come to iOS.
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Like Google’s other Android-to-iOS app ports, Photo Sphere blends in well with the operating system’s minimalist interface while delivering snappy performance
After you launch the app, click on the camera menu option and you’ll immediately see an orange positioning dot and a targeting frame prompting you to begin creating your immersive photo Read more…More about Google, Google Maps, Android, Photos, and Android Apps

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