11 of the Most Beautiful and Dramatic Drone Videos, Shot By You

Martha Stewart uses one to survey her lush, pergola-filled properties . Photographer Ian Wood uses one to gain a bird’s-eye perspective on a gentrifying Los Angeles . We asked you to share what videos you were filming with your drones , and here are some of the best.Read more.

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The Power of Names and Other Fascinating News on the Web

1. My Name is Inigo Montoya
MoreMeet The Screenagers and Other Fascinating News on the WebHow Social Media Makes Us Feel Less Alone and Other Fascinating News on the WebFoster Dad Charged With Murder in Kansas Hot-Car Death NBC NewsPETA to Detroit: Go Vegan and We’ll Pay Your Water Bill NBC NewsNot Just Ebola: What Diseases Could Threaten Americans? NBC News“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” Shakespeare (or perhaps for the purposes of this blurb, we’ll call him Bill) may have had it right when it comes to odor. But a rose by another name might not earn as much, get into the same schools, or live in the same area. Your name can have a major impact on your life

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Aerodynamics? Super Honey Badger Don’t Give a @#*^@!

[Arron Bates] is a pro R/C Pilot from Australia. He’s spent the last few years chasing the dream of a fixed wing plane which could perform unlimited spins. After some promising starts with independently controlled wing spoilers, [Arron] went all in and created The Super Honey Badger. Super Honey Badger is a giant scale R/C plane with the tail of a helicopter and a soul of pure awesome.
Starting with a standard 87″ wingspan Extra 300 designed for 3D flight, [Arron] began hacking

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How the Gaza Conflict Is Fueling Israeli Weapons Sales

If you dont think war is Big Business, just ask multibillion-dollar companies like Lockheed Martin or Northrop Grumman, whose war machines end up in battlefields all over the world. In fact, just today the Pentagon cleared Lockheed to sell 5,000 Hellfire missiles to the embattled Iraqi government for a cool $700 million.The current conflict in Gaza is no exception to the international weapons business, either. The Israeli army deploying swarms of drones and mounted weapons (to say nothing of ground troops) into the Gaza Strip, and you can bet those systems are the envy of foreign governments looking to buy their own.Which brings us to Elbit Systems, Israels leading defence contractor and a company that has several weapons systems currently being used by the IDF as it fights Hamas

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Here Is an Alligator Trying to Eat a Drone

There’s no real need to fly a drone a couple feet above the jaws of a waiting alligator, but damn if it doesn’t create one hell of a video. The potential disturbance of wildlife is one of the reasons why the National Parks Service has banned drones in National Parks, and it’s something we’ve touched on before: Where’s the line between merely using drones to monitor wildlife and using it to bother a moose or an alligator? On the conservation side, you’ve got drones being used to look for poachers and to monitor whales and dolphins. On the other side, you’ve got random drone encounters with wildlife. Videographer Scott Wemhoff said he happened upon the alligator while he was in Houston filming a video about paintball:”Ive never seen a gator before in the wild … I wanted to see if I could get some cool video of such a large animal. I paid close attention the the gators every move so I could escape in time,” he told me

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