Iran says it has shot down an Israeli drone near its Natanz nuclear site, 300 km (185 miles) from the capital Tehran.

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Dutch artist Sarah van Sonsbeeck is showing an Anti-Drone Tent now at Mediamatic Fabriek in Amsterdam. It promises to shield users from aerial infrared surveillance by hiding them beneath the heat-reflective surface of a Mylar® space blanket. It’s a neat idea. That’s why the Taliban has been using it for years. Read more

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Brook Dain

Earlier this month, a Canadian jetliner spotted a drone flying at 4,000 feet approximately 10 miles east of Los Angeles International Airport.
According to the Los Angeles Times, which reported the incident Thursday, a pilot asked air traffic controllers if the drone seen on Aug. 4 was a police drone.
It wasn’t the only recent drone sighing in L.A

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Lawsuits challenge FAA drone, model aircraft rules

Associated Press – 22 August 2014 17:09-04:00

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The Federal Aviation Administration was hit today with three separate lawsuits from drone enthusiasts, in an attempt to challenge the agency’s recent “interpretation” of a 2012 law that would (and has) severely restricted drone flights in the country.Back in June, the FAA said that flying drones for commercial purposes is illegal and also tried to make certain uses of hobby drones illegal, an unprecedented move in the history of model aviation. In that interpretation, the agency said Congress’ FAA Modernization Act of 2012 could be used to regulate drones, without consulting the public or opening up the regulations for review.Rumblings of a lawsuit had been going around for a while now—immediate reaction to the FAA’s interpretation among the drone community was panic, with several different groups forming to attempt to challenge the interpretation.The groups had 60 days from its June 23 enactment to file suit, so it makes sense that the move comes today, but several crowd funding campaigns to formally challenge the FAA had been languishing, calling into doubt whether anyone would actually file a lawsuit

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